How to Write a High-Grade Narrative Essay

Narrative essays focus on narrating something. The writer tells a story about an issue or event that happened. The main difference between telling stories and writing narrative essays is the evidence. The writer must provide evidence of the narrative they give.

The writer narrates the event or story to an audience. They must make sure their story is attractive to avoid boring the reader. They must stick to their points and topic. These details will help you write a high-grade narrative essay.


Understand a narrative essay

Narrative essays are used when telling a story. The story must have unique characters and a specific setting. The essay can either be fiction or nonfiction. The writer creates a central theme or point. They then create characters and incidences that must revolve around the main point.

When thinking about a narrative essay, think about a novel or poem that has a story and characters tied to a theme. Experienced assignment writing professionals help thousands of students write high-grade narrative essays in time.

Your narrative essay should have an attractive topic

The narrative essay tells a story. However, the reader must know what your story is about. The topic is what informs them about your story. Your instructor may give you a specific story to narrate or let you choose. They may tell you to write about your first visit abroad.

They may tell you to write about the day you experienced a devastating storm. If you are given a specific topic, do not move away from it. If you are given the freedom to choose, make sure you choose a highly attractive topic.

Make the opening paragraph interesting

The opening paragraph is your hook to the reader. Open it with a narration that creates interest in the reader to read further. Give them a surprise against their expectation. The story would appear better if something goes wrong in the process.

The crisis is what makes the story better. You can learn a lesson from movies. Something has to always to wrong to make the movie more interesting. can help you write an interesting narrative essay through their experienced professional writers.

Make your story clear

The way you narrate your story can make it lose clarity. You may choose to use complicated phrases and words. You may also choose to mix a foreign language in your narration. Unless your audience understands the phrases and words, you should avoid them.

You will make the reader lose focus. They cannot follow your story if it is too complicated. To make your narration clear, use simple words. Make your story likable even to a younger reader. Let one issue flow seamlessly into the other.

Use present tense and first-person narrative

Focus on the main detail of the story. Avoid describing every small piece of event that happened. Some details are not relevant to the reader. When writing, avoid using past tense. Always write in the present tense and the first-person narrative. Use I, he, she, etc.

Focus on the structure

The narration should not be one long story. Although you are writing a narrative essay, the structure remains important. It must consist of the main features of an essay. It must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.


The introduction provides the reader with an overview of your story. It helps them understand the purpose of your story. It must include a short, attractive thesis statement. The essay thesis points the reader in the right direction of your story.

The body

The body contains all the main points of your story. Although it is a story, you must spend time researching and gathering detailed information. Remember, it is an academic paper. It must be supported by evidence. You need to have the details and facts to support every point in your story.

Arrange your ideas in sequence. Start with the strongest to keep your readers hooked. You must be keen on the total paragraphs to include. It depends on the total points that you want to cover. Each point should be narrated in one paragraph. If you have five points, you should narrate them in five paragraphs. Pay attention to the total pages or words. Do not narrate too many points and exceed the pages required.

Conclusion or summary

The conclusion is a summary of your story. It reminds the reader about the points you have covered in your story. One paragraph of about 5 lines is enough to conclude your narrative essay.

To sum up, a narrative essay is an essay that narrates a story to an audience. The story requires to be backed up by evidence. To get evidence, you need to research and gather information. You should focus on making your narration simple. The reader should not have trouble reading it. The narrative essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the body, you should cover one point for each paragraph. Make the story interesting.

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