7 Accessories to Elevate a Groom's Wedding Day Look

Whenever you talk about wedding day accessories, the assumption is that you’re referring to the bride to be. Talk about wedding hair pins, wedding flower crowns, wedding hair combs, wedding corsages, jewelry, bridal clutches, tiara, veil, headbands and shoes, just to name a few. This is understandable because it takes a lot of work to achieve that final bridal look. 

7 Accessories to Elevate a Groom’s Wedding Day Look

Although brides enjoy all the attention on the wedding day, it equally takes so much more to get the groom to look the part than you can imagine. This includes choosing a wedding suit. Here’s why; while it may seem like the everyday dressing routine for travel or work, it isn’t. There are endless ways to create a personable, suave and confident look suitable for a groom.

We’ve put together some nifty ideas you can explore to pull off the perfect groom’s look for your big day by identifying 7 coolest accessories that will do the trick for you:

Pocket square

Getting a perfect pocket square for your suit will certainly elevate you to a more dapper look. Make sure you choose one that is a flawless match for your wedding day color scheme and the rest of your attire. Try making a splash by going for a fun pattern or bright color and it’ll surprise you how you’ll draw attention to yourself while setting you apart from the groomsmen. 


Undoubtedly one of the smallest accessories. Yet, finding the right ones is guaranteed to transform your look by giving you a punch. Cufflinks come in different sizes and shapes, giving you a choice on how best to express yourself. A simple pair of cufflinks will help transform your otherwise ordinary look into a smart and sleek groom.


Do you want to look like you’re just about to hit the runway on your big day? Think about a pair of killer kicks. Think about Chelsea boots, brogues, oxfords or even sneakers! It all depends on the wedding venue, theme and your personality, of course! While barefoot weddings are a thing, you can only pull this if you’re getting married on a sandy beach.


If you’re going for a formal look, you’ll do well to accessorize with a tie. It doesn’t have to be the classic Windsor knot. There are many funkier options you can settle for a perfect groom’s look. From standard bow ties to neckerchiefs, you can never fall short of trendy options. You can be flexible with the color of your tie. You only need to make sure it is within your wedding color palette. Keep in mind the quality of materials and patterns. Remember, your wedding day is largely a reflection of your personality and not a day to try out something out of the ordinary with some crazy choices.


An elegant pair of oxfords will need a pair of stylish socks to go with it. In your choice of socks, you can bring in some fun by playing with patterns and colors. Although your socks will mostly be invisible because of your trousers, that slight peak can make a difference. So don’t hold back. Go for that patterned pair or a dash of color and you can be sure to boost your confidence level.


If you’re looking for something unique, think cravats! Cravats will offer you a sophisticated and trendy touch. While you’ll wear it on the inside of your shirt, it can transform your look, giving you a chilled vibe. A cravat will set you apart easily, making you that someone special on your big day, which is no doubt a reality. You can also choose to wear a cravat as a way of distinguishing between yourself and your groomsmen without going out of the theme of the wedding.

Suspenders and belts

A pair of suspenders may be all you need to elevate your look to an extra something, so you move from ordinary to extraordinary. Make sure you go for a pair of suspenders that is not exaggerated but will serve the intended purpose. To compliment your look! If you’re going for a belt, make sure it is a quality leather belt. Be sure to select the right color so that you’re not out of tune.

Now you know that wedding day accessories not only refer to wedding hair pins, corsages and veils, but a lot more for both the bride and the groom. There are many decisions you’ll make in relation to the groom’s look. After all, the groom needs some pampering, too. There are many accessories you can introduce to upgrade the groom’s attire while personalizing his look. Thus, it’ll take some time to curate that perfect ensemble for an elegant look on your big day.

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