BORIS BECKER collection to be presented at Gallery FASHION & SHOES

A casual, refined collection inspired both by tennis legend Boris Becker and other male icons will be presented at Gallery FASHION & SHOES. The BORISBECKER collection promises a unique style experience for confident, sophisticated, urban men. Here the emphasis is on head-to-toe looks made up of coats, jackets, leather jackets, sporty blazers, jeans, chinos, trousers, shirts, knitwear, leather accessories and a small capsule collection of sportswear.

The presentation will take place during the SHOWROOM CONCEPT of Gallery FASHION & SHOES on Friday, 28 August 2020, from 11:00 am, in the ‘Kaltstahlhalle’, at booth E11 and will be attended by Boris Becker himself.

Boris Becker
Boris Becker

Here is a list of other events which will take place during the exhibition:

Sunday, 30 August 2020

TW Order-Info
Trends for spring/summer 2021
10:00 am, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

Nothing is how it was. This ordering season is full of uncertainties. How many carry-overs can a product assortment take? How much new merchandise is required? And most importantly, what kind of goods are needed? What are the current highlights? Minimalism or joyful innovation? And what kind of inspiration is encouraging consumers to make purchases right now? The answers to these questions will be discussed by Gudrun Allstädt and Simone Reiner, both fashion editors for TextilWirtschaft magazine.
Speakers: Gudrun Allstädt/Simone Reiner, Textilwirtschaft magazine

A/W 2021/22 FORECAST
12:00 noon, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

What’s next? In her fashion forecast, trend expert Marga Indra-Heide will be giving a first comprehensive look at the fashions for the coming autumn/winter 2021/22 season.
Speaker: Marga Indra-Heide, Fashion Trend Pool

from 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’ (Sunday & Monday)

An analysis of the ZEITGEIST development, the latest COLOURS and MATERIALS, and the KEY DIRECTIONS and PRODUCTS for WOMEN’S and MENSWEAR including ACCESSORIES.

Speakers and topics of the talks:
1. In his ZEITGEIST analysis, Carl Tillessen will be exploring how our image of women has changed. “Fifty years ago, feminists were fighting prudishness by going nude. These days, women are fighting sexism by covering up. They have turned their backs on all those unrepentantly sexist brands, and a lot of the big ‘sex sells’ success stories have come to an abrupt end in recent years – American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret, Guess?, Abercrombie & Fitch, to name just a few… sexiness has become a sensitive issue, but it’s not impossible.”
2. The current palette of COLOURS finds itself between elementary forces and digital diversity. “In the colour harmonies for the autumn/winter 21/22 season, we are predicting very different ends of the spectrum. With the colour themes we are spanning the gamut from a deep sense of calm to eye-catching fashion statements. It’s about finding a balance between the current changes and longevity and between newness and continuity,” explains Niels Holger Wien.
3. “Of course some consumer decisions will become more sensible, more functional and more sustainable – and that’s a good thing!” An overview of the latest MATERIALS – fabrics, yarns and knitwear – in women’s and menswear will be provided by Winfried Rollmann. “Despite all of this, we are finding ourselves yearning for clarity and contours, which give perfect fabrics hold and stability. After this period of enforced restraint, partying and self-expression will start to play more of a role again. So it makes sense that we are welcoming a dash of glamour or seduction that is reawakening our playful approach to design freedom and reviving our spirits – re-joy!”
4. Karolina Landowski will be presenting the KEY DIRECTIONS & PRODUCTS including ACCESSORIES in womenswear. “In A/W 2021/22, WOMENSWEAR is oscillating between opposites: calmness and excess. A quest for meaning and hedonism. Uncompromising reduction and a rediscovered joy for embellishment. Escapism into nature, back to our carefree days of childhood, is comforting and inspiring at the same time.”
5. “We have experienced the world with different eyes over the past few months. Most of us have exercised restraint and made a lot of sacrifices. Clothing has taken on a new significance. It is too soon to say which direction the economy and society will take post-pandemic.” Thomas Hill will be presenting the KEY DIRECTIONS & PRODUCTS including ACCESSORIES in menswear. “Reduced-size collections with higher quality standards, pieces that are easier to combine, an increasing number of sustainable products and structures will be the future parameters when it comes to creating collections. Showing a clear edge will be the recipe for success.”

Monday, 31 August 2020

HDS/L Press Conference
10:30 am, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

With facts and figures, the HDS/L Bundesverband der Schuh- und Lederwarenindustrie (German Federal Association of the Footwear and Leather Goods Industry) will be providing insights into the current situation in the shoe industry. And in addition to the latest industry statistics, representatives from the Bundesverband des Deutschen Schuheinzelhandels (Federal Association of the German Shoe Retail Trade), or BDSE, will be reporting on the status quo of the shoe trade.

Participants: Manfred Junkert, General Manager of the HDS/L; Carl-August Seibel (Josef Seibel), Chairman of the HDS/L, Brigitte Wischnewski, President of the BDSE, Ulrike Kähler, Managing Director of Igedo Company.

Moderated by Dr Claudia Schulz, Press & Public Relations at the HDS/L.

WMS Press Conference
How well do kid’s shoes fit? WMS is presenting the results of the current report on German children’s feet. If you need more information about some of the best shoes for you, visit
12:00 noon, ‘Alte Schmiedehallen’ KIDS Zone, booth H40

Ten years after the publication of the first German Children’s Feet Report, the German Shoe Institute, which is based in Offenbach, has once again carried out a large-scale foot measurement study. The feet of more than 4,000 children throughout Germany were measured. As part of Gallery SHOES, children’s shoe experts will be revealing the results of this study and explaining what you need to look out for when it comes to kid’s footwear.

Moderated by Dr Claudia Schulz, Press & Public Relations at the HDS/L.

Participants: Manfred Junkert, General Manager of the HDS/L, WMS expert Annette von Czarnowski and a kid’s shoe retailer.

12:00 noon, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’

How will fashion develop in spring/summer 2021/22? What trends will come and go? Trend expert Karolina Landowski is presenting the most important shoes and accessories looks for the current ordering season.

Speaker: Karolina Landowski, Fashion Trend Pool

from 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm, ‘Altes Kesselhaus’
(repeated from Sunday – see Sunday for contents and topics)
Düsseldorf, 17 August 2020

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