Impressive and full of technologies - textile production machines

TMT Expo will "draw" the picture of the modern production; Printers are among the main highlights this year.

Modern textile production goes back to the years of the First industrial revolution. In just a few decades, in the late 18th and first half of the 19th century, the manufacturing system has been replaced by industrial processes. There are huge machines, which are processing quantities of raw material which were not possible by then. Only decades later the conveyor lines and mass production were implemented. But what is the situation today?

Impressive and full of technologies - textile production machines

Impressive and full of technology. These are modern textile production machines. Digitalization, software, last generation materials, 3D technologies and many more are already permanently applied. Proof of this will be the large, innovative and multifunctional machines, demonstrated during the TMT Expo 2019 - the Bulgarian Textile exhibition. Exclusive focus will be placed on printers - widely implemented in the industry.

From 25 to 27 September the forum will bring together at Inter Expo center professionals from Bulgaria and abroad. They will share experiences and ideas, will know more about the machines, last generation technologies and trends and will "adjust their watches" in an effort to develop the business. The parallel conduction of TMT Expo with COPIS exhibition contributes additional value dedicated to the printing and advertising industry.

Printers - the way they have never been before

Complete solutions and super-precision with attention to the smallest detail. Briefly, these are the modern printers for textiles. Fast and with a working width of nearly 163 cm. It is the Epson SC-F9300 - the printer for printing on sublimation paper, applicable for the creation of sports clothes, fashion and home decor. The machine, presented by Totem Group, provides complete solutions - a printer, printing heads, inks and software. The fast and high quality process of operation is achieved through the two printing heads PrecisionCore TFP and the double CMYK.

Impressive and full of technologies - textile production machines

It can work continuously. Yes, you read itright. Dgen Papyrus Arete is a printer for printing o sublimation paper with a width of 1.88 m. With its technical parameters and innovative technologies it is suitable for being implemented in the production of advertisements, sports clothes, fashion and home decor. The width of the machine and its high working speed achieved thanks to six printing heads ensure maximum performance. The machine can work with six colors, expanding the palette of reproduced colors - the CMYK standards and two optional: gray, orange, red, blue, turquoise, fluorescent yellow and fluorescent pink.

Automatic updates, controlled from a tablet over Wi-Fi...

The hybrid textile printer DGI FH-3204, presented by Aragorn proves the assertion that multifunctionality is the basis of success. "The product is innovative because it can print directly on fabric or on sublimation paper with great width ", commented from the company. The Mimaki TS55-1800 sublimation printer will also be among the highlights of the company presentation. The optional items ensure continuous operation and reduce production costs. GSK MACHINES AND SERVICE puts Synchroprint 5000 "under the spotlight". Designed for screen printing professionals, its control is done via a tablet with WI-Fi connectivity. The self-diagnostic operating system and Internet support are implemented in the spirit of modern smart-technologies. The automation of the processes is also carried out by the online updating of the software.

Impressive and full of technologies - textile production machines

With advanced functions. This is the Texart RT-640M - the sublimation printer presented by PROSIGN. Its capabilities enable the choice between direct printing on polyester or on sublimation paper using the same inks - Texart SBL3. Through the latest generation software ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2, the operator can "RIP" up to eight different files simultaneously. Kornit Storm HD6 impresses with a futuristic look and modern features. The industrial solution for printing on clothes in two-step process - printing and drying of the finished product, presents 3PRINT. The machine provides an environmentally friendly process of operation and has built-in ink recirculation and moisturizing systems, allowing the achievement of a rich color palette - the print with 6 colors + white.

And more...

What makes a sectoral event a completed exhibition? The professional accompanying program, of course.

For three days, reviews of printed textiles will be held. The full potential of technology will reveal the third edition of the artistic exhibition "Photography needs a body". Produced by "factor. bg" it will illustrate the possibilities of modern machines for transferring photographs on textiles. And of course - Company presentations and workshops will be held during all exhibition days in the seminar and congress halls of Inter Expo Center.

Impressive and full of technologies - textile production machines

What is the future of the textile industry? In just two weeks we will find the answers - at the TMT Expo 2019 exhibition. The publication has already registered an increase of the exhibition area by 25%-up to 5000 sq. m. The companies are already on the final run in preparation for a meeting with the professional visitors from Bulgaria and abroad. Anyone can make their registration for a free visit at

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