The best sneaker designs of all time

Who can deny that sneakers have the best appeal compared to all other footwear? Take for instance the color, the packaging design, and the style; all make it the preferred choice for shoe lovers. But what makes this part of footwear stand out among many? Previously, sneakers have been used as a mark of culture and a reflection of context. You could tell one’s tribe by the kind of sneaker they wore. The kind of a sneaker design you wear; whether the Air Max 90, the Yeezy Boost, or the Nike vapor Max will tell what you treasure.

Following is a list of rare sneakers that will definitely interest you

Nike Air Max 1

Nike is known for the advanced cushioning system. That is evident in its trailblazers like Air force 1. The 1987 Air Max 1 stands out with its visible air window. This shoe design has maintained its ultra cool nature and it’s become a household for many all over the world.

The best sneaker designs of all time

Converse All- star

This is a classically designed sneaker and it takes care of whatever taste you have. It has not changed since the year 1916, and its strength saw an endorsement by the all-time celebrated basketball player Charles Taylor. Thus, all people; students, skaters, kids in primary school treasure it.

The best sneaker designs of all time

The Trimm Trab- Adidas

Since its release in native Germany back in the mid-seventies, Trimm Trab has become such a popular brand. Its endorsement in the ’80s by the football casuals in the UK gave it a push higher to become one of the venerated shoe designs of our time.

The best sneaker designs of all time

Nike Air Jordan 1

The release of Nike Air Jordan in 1985 came with pomp and although the NBA banned the original black-red colored shoe, history has proven how such a decision can turn out as a campaign tool and has inspired a variety of matching Jordan tees collections. Thus, when Michael Jordan endorsed the hi-top, it became the world’s bestseller. In fact, at some point, you were out of fashion if you didn’t have this brand on the field. Nike has been selling this shoe ever since and has become part of what the brand can boast about.

The best sneaker designs of all time

Adidas Superstar

For the lovers of old-school classic, this sneaker is the perfect choice for you. The off-the-scale design icon makes it so outstanding so that it has influenced so many musical trends tribes and cultures. When it was released in the late ’60s as a basketball shoe, it enjoyed massive popularity and later 1980, the hip-hop crews adopted it. Thus, the shoe has enjoyed enormous popularity ever since.

The best sneaker designs of all time

Nike Air force 1

The Nike Air force 1 was the first basketball shoe to feature in Nike’s Air cushioning system. Any basketball diehard would be on this shoe, whether in the pitch or just hanging around with friends. Its popularity in the basketball quarters lasted for over three years and was later adopted as a fashion item. The clever marketing of this shoe made it a trailblazer among many in the shops.

The best sneaker designs of all time

There is what you stand for in life and you may not want to tell it through the word of mouth. A shoe can speak it all for you. That is why before you purchase a shoe, you need to get the story behind it. Again, choose an online store that has all the brands where you can choose from.

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