ROICA Premium Stretch Sustainable Innovations at ISPO Brand New Village

Exciting news out of ISPO Munich, this year ROICA™ premium stretch innovations will be showcased within ISPO Brandnew, the biggest platform for sporty startups worldwide. The ROICA™ booth will have a new centralized position at ISPO Munich, with an even more central position, to lead the way toward responsible innovation. Make certain to visit the fantastic new collections created by ROICA™ partners that combine; function and contemporary values for the modern customer. Asahi Kasei, the leader in sustainable stretch guaranteed to wow ISPO attendees with the ROICA Eco-Smart™ family, an innovative range of the world's first responsibly made premium stretch fibers.

ROICA™ Premium Stretch Sustainable Innovations at ISPO Brand New Village

ROICA™ smart yarns are focused perfectly on responsible performance for the active sportswear, swimwear and athleisure categories. ROICA™ proudly presents sustainable solutions boasting impressive certifications:
- Global Recycled Standard (GRS) owned by Textile Exchange
- Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold Level for Material Health and Hohenstein
Environment Compatibility Certificate - ROICA™ breaks down without releasing harmful substances.
ROICA™ will present The Modern Wardrobe concept in well-defined categories at ISPO:
ROICA™ WARDROBE, fashion collections for Summer 2019 with beautiful premium stretch solutions.
ROICA™ INNOVATION GALLERY, the latest textile performance innovations from partner mills that inspire creativityA rich fabric range that includes revolutionary ROICA Eco-Smart™ family of stretch fibers that are sustainably designed and the unique ROICA Feel Good™ family that promises a new level of well-being
ROICA™ CLOSET: new garment designs from our experimental lab that highlight functional ROICA™ families.

ROICA™ NOVELTIES DISPLAY, discover the latest ROICA™ innovations. They hope to see you at ISPO as they bring to life fantastic stretch solutions that redefine performance and creativity. Don’t forget to ask for Bemberg™ brand, at the ROICA™ booth, superb innovations responsibly designed for a new look at athleisure and sportswear luxe.

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