LIMONTA: Social Responsibility, Process and Product Sustainability

Set up at the end of the nineteenth century near Como, at Costamasnaga, an area with one of the longest textile traditions in Europe, Limonta | 1893 is a group focuses on passion, creativity and innovation, with skills in the clothing, leather goods, footwear, furnishings, sports and automotive sectors.

Ever committed to the development and search for excellence, in more than 120 years of non-stop business and growth it has extended its operations through jacquard weaves, velvets, specialist fabrics and flat woven cloths.

LIMONTA: Social Responsibility, Process and Product Sustainability

Diversification, Transversality, Vertical Integration, Tailored Research, Experience and Passion are the fundamental traits of Limonta. A transversal company, where products, technologies and know-how developed for a specific market are then transferred to others.

The attention the Group exercises in relation to the environment is stringent. Corporate Social Responsibility, Process and Product Sustainability are key words of the company philosophy. That's why Limonta received the 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Award in Paris in September 2018.

"In Limonta we feel responsible for our planet's needs. We are always active for a proper use of resources, environmental safeguard, human rights respect and ethical labour rules, trying to do our best for the community, the territory and people. We do it with passion and transparency, giving voice directly to our products, to which we attribute the icons that certify our commitment."

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