ECOTEC® Smart Cotton by Marchi & Fildi

Marchi & Fildi, recognized as the leading Italian manufacturer of ECOTEC® smart cotton is widening their international reach with new partners that offer a wide range of fantastic products in exciting colors and inspiring textures.

ECOTEC® Smart Cotton

ECOTEC® is the trademark, representing high-quality 100% traceable yarns made in Italy, and a certified manufacturing process. ECOTEC® presents contemporary values as chemical safety and human health, as well as record reductions in water, CO2 emissions and energy, compared to conventional and organic cotton:
77.9% less water
56.3% less CO2 emissions
56.6% less energy

The exceptional process to create ECOTEC® yarns also offers an incredible direct opportunity to encourage brands and retailers to cooperate with Marchi & Fildi to design waste out of fashion. Brands and retailers can supply their pre-consumer cotton fabric and knit clippings to Marchi & Fildi; using the ECOTEC® process, the clippings will be transformed into high quality ECOTEC® yarns optimizing a joint endeavor that targets a zero waste position.

Marchi & Fildi received the 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Award in Paris in September 2018.

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