Control Union - sustainability of the industry's supply chains

With its foundation in agriculture, Control Union Certifications has focused its efforts in developing services around the sustainability of the industry's supply chains which feed into the food, feed, forestry, biomass, bioenergy, social compliance and textiles markets.

With 'boots on the ground' in more than 70 countries, Control Union Certifications is uniquely placed to manage challenges with today's global marketplace.

Control Union - developing services around the sustainability of the industry's supply chains

Control Union has used its foundation in agriculture to build its services around supply chains that require sustainable, sourcing solutions.

These are developed to specifically meet the unique challenges facing different supply chains such as food, bioenergy and textiles.

Whether by tailoring a program around your specific needs, or selecting one of the more than 100 programs offered, Control Union Certifications works to provide you with the options needed to source sustainably.

Control Union Certifications was created in 2002 when Control Union acquired the Dutch Skal International, an auditing arm of Stiching Skal.

What began as a joint venture grew into a wholly owned business that continued to expand its scope of activities from organic to sustainability and beyond.

Having its roots in agriculture gave Control Union Certifications an in-depth understanding of the complex challenges of bringing products to market and the marketing campaigns that we see from today's supermarkets and department stores.

Through an understanding of your needs and the challenges you face, Control Union Certifications has developed an approach to assist you meet your ever-growing sourcing requirements. Whether related to sustainable materials or social compliance concerns, a tailor-made service is developed that best suits what you need.

The development of a one-stop-shop approach has enabled Control Union to link services together, allowing you to leverage your investments in sustainability programs through a bundling system.

This reduces costs, while offering the greatest added value to your stakeholders' sustainable initiatives.

By using multi-trained auditors, Control Union can reduce the audit fatigue faced by companies seeking to maintain multiple programs.

Control Union Certifications keeps sustainability as a core focus, both now and in the future.

Sustainability begins in the field and is present at every step in the supply chain.

Understanding how sustainability is intertwined with how food, bioenergy and textiles are produced and brought to market provides Control Union Certifications with a unique ability to address the sustainability challenges of farmers and businesses alike to ensure their future.

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