Made With Respect opens a new era in the world of sustainability

In 2018, it is clear that “sustainable fashion” is not just a futuristic concept, but today’s necessity. The environmental pollution is more and more concerning every year, causing numerous humanitarian and environmental issues all over the world. It is now time for industry professionals and consumers to hear the wake up call and simply slow down.

Made With Respect opens a new era in the world of sustainability

Made with Respect, a young brand (founded in New Zealand), mission is to change the current fashion industry landscape. Setting up a collaboration with over 70 sustainable designers across multiple categories (fashion, self-care, accessories, home and outdoor) from all over the world, Made with Respect is a movement that we all need to join. Here is why.

The statistical analysis shows worrying data about the fast fashion industry. Rapidly changing designs, huge variety and low prices give all of us a chance to experiment and change our wardrobe, as many times a year as we wish. As World Resources Institute reveals, average consumer bought 60% more clothing in 2014 than in 2000, but kept each garment half as long. Just imagine, how much wasted resources we have stocked in our closets?

Sustainable fashion and traditional craftsmanship requires much less consumption and less production circles. Traditional fashion has only two production cycles in a year, meanwhile the fast fashion has as many as 50 cycles per year!

The designers represented by Made with Respect come from different continents and cultural backgrounds, but all united by the same idea: produce products with less environmental impact possible.

Made With Respect is part of the solution to influence and educate consumers that beautiful products shouldn’t cost the earth. To lead the change from destructive consumption that has mass implications on the health of our people and planet, toward more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Brands must qualify to partner with Made with Respect, falling within the following 4 pillars;
1. Devoted to craftsmanship; making quality products that last and can be passed down through the generations;
2. Transparent supply chain; good working conditions and no child labour;
3. Natural materials & natural ingredients; no chemicals or toxins (organic where possible), recycling, upcycling, regeneration and reduction of waste, embracing renewable resources and preserving the environment;
4. Contributing to make the world a better place; supporting local or disadvantaged communities and being more than a profit driven operation”, - shares Susan Stevens, CEO and Founder at Made With Respect.

The key values behind the Made With Respect movement are: authenticity, transparency, with an immense respect to craftsmanship, people and our planet.

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