Searching for the New Luxury - a project of Stella McCartney

As a continuation into the conversation around sustainability Stella McCartney is pleased to be showcasing her work in the State of Fashion’s first large-scale public event in the Netherlands, ‘Searching for the New Luxury’. The initiative seeks to connect and support global green initiatives throughout the fashion industry, acting as the thread between designers, companies, governments and educational institutions.

Searching for the New Luxury - a project of Stella McCartney

The concept centres on an alternative “luxury”; an exploration into finding new definitions of the term in a modern era faced with urgent questions about the environment and social welfare. How can they reduce waste; create less pollution; promote better equality and inclusiveness? They are excited about gaining greater insight into how they can turn the fashion system around to become more circular and restorative.

‘Searching for the New Luxury’ explores the latest biotechnologies, digital platforms and innovations as well as looking at creative processes that contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. Crucially, some of the works convey how technology is combined with fashion in order to diversify and evolve the system.

Her works on display include a short film by acclaimed Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen that formed the cornerstone of a new visual identity and concept imagined for their sustainability platform. Through Sassen’s abstract visual language, we explore a new and exciting way to engage in the conversation surrounding sustainability; ushering in a new mood.

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