G Tonino Tailors - finest quality suits

Bespoke tailoring is a hand-sewn garment, custom-made to the customer's requirements. With over 50 years of craftsmanship experience, G. Tonino's suits are of the very finest quality, hand stitched and lined with canvas.

G Tonino Tailors - finest quality suits

Customers can choose from their large selection of fabrics ranging in quality, weight and price. They carry the very best in Italian and English wool.

G Tonino Tailors - finest quality suits

Every suit is hand-made, and cut to the customer's size, requirements and taste. Two fittings are required to ensure a perfect fit. Each delivered suit is meticulously inspected for an impeccable result.

G Tonino Tailors - finest quality suits

Since 1963, G. Tonino Tailors has been producing garments of the highest quality with a particular attention to detail.

G Tonino Tailors - finest quality suits

Over the years, the styles and cuts have changed but throughout it all, their team has been committed to keeping and maintaining the same attention to detail and quality.


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