How fashion helped create Absolver’s believable fantasy world

There is no denying that gaming graphics have become extremely advanced in the last few years. Almost all major games today are accompanied by gorgeous visuals that will keep you glued for hours.

Absolver is one such online fighter game that can be played both on a PC and a PS4.

Absolver game

When you begin to play the game, you will be handed a mask, and that is where your journey begins. You will find that you are one among the many fighters who have to engage in combat in order to survive in this beautiful but mysterious world. Its just like one of those Casino Epoca online slots games that blends in fashion, aesthetics and a great gaming exoerexper leaving you asking for more.

What would you love?

Absolver is a game that will leave you stunned with the complex fighting mechanics that have been incorporated into it. You will be able to customize your character in such a way that it becomes perfect for your style of play.

How did it come about?

The main idea is that you can make yourself unique in the realm of Adal so that you are even more engaged in the game. Not only can you change combat styles and play around with different techniques, but you will also be able to change the outward appearance of your characters. Choose from a variety of clothing and gear options and enjoy the game to its full potential.

In fact, the development studio, Sloclap collaborated with fashion designer, Damir Doma in order to create this game and its fashion choices. Sloclap wanted to ensure that players would be able to stay true to themselves in the game no matter what.

The little things do matter!

Developing the visual style of the game was not an easy work, and the team worked on huge mood boards to decide on the fashion and architectural themes.

A Croatian designer, Damir Doma has developed a reputation for giving a post-modern twist to gorgeous fantasy garments, and that is what exactly what the Absolver team was looking for. Doma was intrigued by the mood boards that the designers were using for their architectural references. He found himself relating to this creative process and deiced to get on board.

While you may not find Doma’s influence directly when playing the game, he was the one who worked on the overall theme along with the studio. He did not design any specific piece but helped prepare a document which states the characteristic fashion influences like African body art and Brutalist architecture. Doma also influenced the accessory designs and provided essential sketches.

Learning from what Absolver has to offer

As a gamer, you might find fashion irrelevant when you are playing Absolver. You will find yourself honing combat skills more often than not. So why the effort? What you may not realize is that a major part of involving you in the game is to create a believable environment and culture. Fashion is hence key to building the perfect ambiance.

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