Eco friendly Canepa textiles Spring/Summer 2019 collection presented at Milano Unica

CANEPA is the first company in the world, which committed in the Greenpeace Detox Campaign.

Faithful to the commitment to respect and protect the environment, Canepa has responded to the challenge of Greenpeace that aims to free fashion from toxic substances by 2020. Signing up to the agreements contained in the Detox Solution Commitment, the Como-based company is the first textile company in the world to make a public commitment for a cleaner fashion industry through the replacement of machinery and the elimination of harmful substances used in the normal textile processes.

In the new Canepa S/S 2019 collection: productive sustainable vanguard, stylistic innovation and creative excellence.

The collection of textiles that Canepa SpA presented at Milano Unica 2018 is realized in the respect of the environment and will be shown at the exhibition space dedicated, for the first time, to sustainability, within the Tendenze area.

Thanks to the company patent “SAVEtheWATER Kitotex®”, whose manufacturing process was studied to minimize the environmental impact by reducing the use of toxic substances, energy and water consumption in all the production process, the new pre-collection S/S 2019 prides a value which is absolutely unique and distinguishing.


Every new Canepa textile is eco-friendly, "ECO comfort", flexibly destined to man and woman, suitable to be used in any stylistic pattern, through an innovative ecological dyeing.

Prints and jacquards of unlimited chromatic variety are harmoniously developed in precious and imaginative top of the range Made in Italy collections, with a creativity that Canepa have been developing since 1966, year of their establishment, going back to 1930, to their roots in the silk tradition.

A heritage persisting in the stylistic development of the new collections, which is reinterpreted in a contemporary way by the strong company attitude towards innovation, materialized in a series of patents, among which the SAVEtheWATER Kitotex®, which is bearing a true revolution in the textile industry and building a model of circular economy.

The new Canepa collections include also other textiles in cotton, realized according to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification requirements, the highest in the world, for the verification of conformity with biological production requirements of the entire textile production chain, both in the environmental and in the social domains.

Excellence and sustainability: that’s the winning combination adopted by Canepa to challenge markets with a proposal destined to change fashion in the world. It represents the incentive towards a responsible creativity, capable of guaranteeing the respect for the planet without giving up beauty and style ever.



Flowery, geometrical and false uni fabrics dominate the new Spring/Summer 2019 Canepa collection, pastel shades mix up with more energetic and intense tones, inspired to a woman who can feel interest for innovation and more romantic attitudes.
Optical solutions and black and white geometries open the Spring season with light matelass? and fil coup? textiles, inspired to the world of flowers, together with brocades in romantic shades of colour: antique rose, London grey, pastel blue and light yellow tell about the feminine neo-romanticism in a vital rebirth through Nature.

As summer comes, tones become more intense, in the development of collection storytelling. Patterns become more abstract and shapes more irregular, the vision turns from romanticism to a journey in the hyperspace, colours appear almost unreal, taken to the most extreme tones.
The new pre-collection synthetises the suggestions of new style tendencies, translated into textiles connecting a new romantic classicism, a return to minimalism and a strong desire for future and technology.


The Canepa path to sustainability regards different aspects in the productive process. An important passage has been the realization, on behalf of Canepa , of a deep supplier survey on the use of toxic substances for the environment to make up the so-called Restricted Substance List (RSA). The final objective is to eliminate those substances from the productive process.


In order to minimize the environmental impact of their industry process, Canepa has developed the SAVEtheWATER® Kitotex® project, together with CNR-Ismac of Biella, to drastically reduce toxic substances for the environment and water consumption in the manufacturing processes of weaving yarn.

The SAVEtheWATER® Kitotex® program was created by the research of CanepaEvolution laboratories, a department especially created by the Canepa group to this purpose, to drive innovation in the production process. Kitotex® is derived from chitin, a naturally occurring polymer which is found in the exoskeleton of shrimps and it is a waste product of the food industry.

Apart from being non-toxic, chitosan offers important advantages for the health: it is anti-bacterial and anti-mite, and helps to stimulate blood circulation. The SAVEtheWATER® Kitotex® process is also used in the production of silk, where it can generate important savings of water, energy and CO2, in addition to the drastic reduction of polluting substances.


The development of the SAVEtheWATER® Kitotex® program has required important investments of time and resources. Today, thanks to the implementation of these innovations, Canepa is able to significantly reduce the consumption of water, energy and CO2 in its production, in addition to the elimination of harmful substances and pollutants. Canepa makes its know-how available through licensing agreements with companies and partners in the clothing-textile industry.

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