Start Your Fashion Blog Today in Four Easy Steps

Fashion bloggers around the world have brought new voices to the rather traditional world of fashion journalism. Not only do they offer greater representation, but they also offer fresh perspectives and bring new ideas to the table. That’s why we still need more fashion bloggers. If you were interested in starting your own fashion blog, start today by following these four steps:

Find Your Niche and Your Voice

Before you can launch your website, you should first narrow down your niche and find your voice. The type of fashion blog you launch can be mostly visual, or it could be a combination of visuals and informative stories and articles for fashion-forward readers out there. The more specific your niche, the greater chance you will find your place in the blogosphere.

Starting Your Blog

Once you have your blog idea finalized, it’s time to go and create your website. You can do this in several ways, depending on your budget and your expertise with HTML. The cheapest way to do it is to sign up to any of the website creation websites like Wordpress. These website creators have free subscriptions, allowing you to use any of their free themes to post content. If you want more power and control, you can then either pay for a basic subscription, giving you a custom domain name and further customization options.

If you truly want to make your website your own, however, you will have to use a hosting service like Blue Host. These services provide you with the server space that you need to post content and a unique domain name. Find a unique theme that not only allows you to do what you need to, but also aesthetics that pull your personal brand together.

Fashion blogger
Niccoló Cesari, Portrait by Massimiliano De Angelis - at Hotel 500 Firenze.

Gaining an Audience

Having a great blog and creating great content is the first step, but unless readers can find your blog, your work will go largely unnoticed. To stop you being invisible online, social media marketing and even SEO marketing can go a long way. Advertise on social media through posts and links, read and apply SEO tips, but take it one step further and start collaborating with those in your niche. You’ll make friends, and increase traffic to all of your sites. For example, if you are a male blogger or you write about men's fashion, you should definately visit Pitti Uomo trade fair in Florence, Italy and get to know the other bloggers there. The atmosphere is unique and you will make a lot of friends.

Preparing for Challenges

Starting a website is a lot of effort, and making it successful is difficult. That is why you should always backup your work and keep it safe. Anything, from a virus to a flaw in the code could just your website down. It can be just as devastating if your hard drive breaks and you lose all your notes. There are computer forensics Chicago specialists available to help you with your data recovery on computers and hard drives alike. To help you avoid a data loss completely, however, have two backups in different locations. This is data redundancy, and can ensure your hard work doesn’t get lost or damaged.

Fashion needs as many unique voices as can contribute. It is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide, and bloggers are the voices on the ground giving the world the much-need representation that the industry is lacking.

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