Re.Verso ™ by Filpucci – The excellence of being increasingly smart

For the most important national fashion and lifestyle event, the company from Tuscany - world leader in the manufacturing of high-end creative yarns for knitwear with unique products – has once again renewed its inexhaustible research vocation, which has always been its hallmark. On June 28th, at Sala Riunioni Area Monumentale (1st floor), Filpucci is celebrating its 50th anniversary with the press conference: “Fifty years of Filpucci - History tells the future”, with talks by Raffaello Napoleone, Managing Director of Pitti Immagine, Leandro Gualtieri, Filpucci President and founder, and Federico Gualtieri, Filpucci Vice President.

An enduring vocation for pioneering values and reliable manufacturing processes, both traceable and transparent, as shown by Re.VersoTM supply chain, a circular economy model, of which it is a member and exclusive reference point in the framework of high-end/low impact yarns for knitwear with the Collection Ninetyfive. A selection of luxury, enveloping and fluffy low-impact cashmere yarns, with technical features capable of cutting consumption, and with a watchful eye for environmental resources, as well as a philosophy focusing on the re-engineerization of the materials, which are transformed and enriched thanks to a consolidated experience. Re.VersoTM Ninetyfive cashmere yarns line thus represent an integral part of the new Collection, is now available in stock service, for an innovation available on request, thus marking a further breakthrough. A sophisticated colour palette with m?lange and moulin? shades, lending the yarns character and personality, as they are designed for knitwear featuring premium style, quality and comfort.

The choice of only selected pre-consumer textile clippings sorted in a carefully way, allow offering products representing the best and most traceable one can find on the market, which have indeed aroused the interest of authoritative international brands that have chosen the Ninetyfive Re.VersoTM cashmere Collection for their high quality knitwear. From Stella McCartney to Eileen Fisher, from Filippa K to Patagonia, the fashion system’s big labels have opted for the regenerated yarns Re.VersoTM by Filpucci, thus sharing a new business philosophy: an environment-conscious and responsible approach, with does not relinquish style, but elevates it far forward style & trends.

Re.Verso ™ by Filpucci – The excellence of being increasingly smart

With a passion for ethical and innovative pathways, Filpucci, true Italian excellence for 50 years, has widened its range of smart Re.Verso™ products thus encompassing: The yarn Baby Camel Re.VersoTM produced with Re.Verso™ baby camel and mixed with 50% extra-fine Merino Wool comes in two yarn counts (1:13000nm and 2:13000 nm twisted). A delicate, rich and super soft yarn, with indescribable touch, which preserves its natural proprieties and comes in a selection of refined shades. A blend of classicism and creativity, enhanced by the sophisticated colour palette. Shades have a central role here and are fine-tuned with the material: the palette makes the most of the elegant tactile and mellow shades.

The new Divette item, coming in two yarn counts (1:15000nm, 2:26000 nm twisted), yet again sheds light on the pioneering attitude of a manufacturer aiming to offer soft and creative combed and twisted yarns, that are unmistakably innovative and come in different degrees of thinness. Sophisticated, exceptionally soft and warm yarns, made with cashmere Re.Verso™ fibres mixed with extra fine wools, allowing to produce finer counts and functional yarns, offering a wide range of possible uses for a mix of classicism and creativity, enhanced by a sophisticated colour palette.

A well-rooted tradition of Made in Italy luxury, with ethics at the core of its added value, while relentlessly consolidating and expanding the uniqueness of the Re.VersoTM products, absolute best-sellers. /

Re.Verso ™
Re.Verso™ is a new textile platform that works together with its textile partners to produce a fully integrated, 100% ‘Made i n Italy’ textile collection with a dynamic brand new approach to production that makes Re.Verso™ products unique in look, feel and responsibility, with fully traceable materials and processes used throughout its whole supply chain that are also 100% Made in Italy. Re.Verso™ works with a wide variety of supply chain partners to deliver smart, new, eco - responsible materials for fashion and lifestyle.
A company whose mission is to find new ways to practice innovation by reducing expoitation of natural resources. It has an unquestionable industrial expertise that goes hand in hand with the ongoing efforts to always choose virtuous technologies and methodologies, always paying the greatest attention to low impact, environmentally sensitive processes. The company cares deeply about energy savings and clean water management and eschews unnecessary waste of valuable resources, and the use of pollutants wherever possible.

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