Accessories to Accent Your Business Suit

Let’s face it— the most stylish men you know are also likely the most successful, right? Much like women’s love for high-end yoga wear, men appreciate their dress-down time on the weekends. But when it comes to weekday wear, a business suit really sets the tone for someone who wants to get things done and done well. And, while a perfectly tailored suit is an absolute must, accessories for said suit can go a long way in making the look complete . And, no, we don’t mean a Fedora but, hey, if you can rock that thing the way each member of the Rat Pack used to, we say go for it. Looking for other accessories to highlight your business suit in the best possible way? Read on for magnificent ways to man-cessorize. Yeah, we went there.

A Totally Terrific Tie
This is of the utmost importance, as it’s really the first thing people will notice. Let’s say you’re in a really high position—like the President of the United States—and you’re wearing a tie that doesn’t fit well (ahem, perhaps it’s too long), you’ve already set the wrong tone. Nothing says you have no idea what you’re doing like an ill-fitting tie. Once you get the right size, the world is your oyster, as the designs are seemingly endless. You can go for the gold in originality or stick with something simple, but we recommend choosing a color that goes well with not only your suit but also your skin tone. Stick with something seasonal, although silk can be worn all year long. If you really want to knock it out of the style park, consider something handmade. It’ll surely be a topic of conversation in any meeting or dinner.

Pocket Squares FTW Of course, you can get away with not wearing a pocket square but why would you want to? It’s the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color and panache. And unless you’ve got an endless bank account, you also likely need ways to make the suits you have look different. This is the perfect way to add flair while also differentiating the suit from the last time you wore it.

Accessories to Accent Your Business Suit

A Masculine Man-Bag, Please
The man purse frankly never caught on but the truth is, men need something in which to carry their things, too. You likely need to have 3-5 accessories, and one of them should definitely be a weekender bag for your business trips. We’ve all seen the guy in the airport with the flawless suit and the backpack. Just say (or scream), “No!” That isn’t right. If you want your bag to complete your look instead of detracting from it, you need to spring for one that doesn’t scream, “I still wish I lived in my fraternity house.”

Watch What You’re Doing
Yes, you can use your phone to tell time but do you want your ensemble to portray a climb up the corporate ladder or put on blast, “Do you want fries with that?” Yes, yes, we know a watch barely shows under the sleeves of a properly-fitting suit but you need to make sure you’ve got a nice one for that itty bit of real estate it takes up that can be seen. The problem most men have is they think their sport watch is just fine with a suit. No, no, and no! It can be very masculine but you still need to choose a watch with formality so that it doesn’t look like you just went deep-sea diving with it.

Cuffs ‘n’ Clips
Cufflinks and tie clips don’t have to reinvent the wheel in a fashion sense, but they do need to be there nonetheless. Those of us watching our pennies will be glad to know that these don’t need to be expensive either. Simply make sure they are in good shape, as a worn-out cufflink or tie clip is enough to detract from the sweetest of suits. Want to really impress? Consider a personalized set.

Did you know that President Obama wore the same suit to every state dinner during his presidency? He must have had some amazing accessories, don’t you agree? Now go forth and accessorize, fashion-forward friends.

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