BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS creativity blooms for Pitti Uomo 92 main theme

Life energy and the stunning beauty of flowers have provided inspiration for BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS, the leading theme of the summer trade shows. New creative ideas that blossom just like flowers: improbable, effervescent and ironic. Sometimes in the form of macro inflatable flowerbeds, odd sculptures or flying bouquets. A fantastic world of original patterns blended with colour contrasts on facades, on objects and in special areas. Layout and creative direction by lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni.

BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS creativity blooms for Pitti Uomo 92 main theme

This introduces the overall topic relating to the new digital art project accompanying the exhibitions’ advertising campaign. An Art + Vibes production, directed by Valentina Be, Executive Producer Max Brun and Sound Designer Lorenzo Confetta.

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