Jacket Back Finish Pressing Machine

Especially developed for the garment industry, our patented heating system saves energy costs up to 30 % and shortens the heating up times of the ironing bucks.

Ironing bucks
They provide a wide range of ironing bucks for you individual needs. The upper and lower bucks as well as the left and right ironing bucks are shaped perfectly through a special digital surface processing technique (CNC treatment).

Overlapping ironing
The special ironing buck design ensures all the surface area is covered by overlapping during the different pressing operations, this is especially important for finishing front and back parts, collar and shoulder parts (regardless of the size).

Isolated ironing bucks
The special isolation of the upper forms helps significantly reduce energy costs.

Jacket Back Finish Pressing Machine

Covers for ironing bucks
The usage of high quality materials provide a long working-life and optimal ironing results.

Cover exchange function
The covers can be easily exchanged through a user-friendly exchange function incorporated into the programmer. To position the cover, the upper form is moved to a distance setting and afterwards into the closing position to hold the covering material in place while securing.

Spot light
With the help of a spot light, the operator can easily position the interlinings for an optimal ironing process.

Vertical adjustment of the machine
The height of the machine is ergonomically adjustable and therefore provides a more efficient work place.

Adjustable pedal
The pedal is ergonomically adjustable and therefore provides a more efficient work place.

Construction units and components
BRISAY uses only the highest-quality components, produced by internationally known manufacturers, to ensure the best reliability of the machines.

- Bucks in “V-position”: makes the positioning easier due to the special buck arrangement
- Vertical closing of head bucks: transfers even distribution of pressure onto the entire pressing surface and prevents displacement of the pressing good / Increases quality
- Lower buck with -step suction: facilitates the positioning especially on sensitive fabrics
- Additional suction while buck rotating/ buck stopping: Prevents displacement of the pressing good
- Shaped deposit fixture: Protects the side of the jacket already finished / Increases quality
- Digital programmer (BRI-Fashion): Up-to-date and user-friendly touchscreen programmer automatically controls the machine via individual programs / Increases productivity
- Separate program selection switch: Allows quick change of programs when using BRI-Fashion programmer / Improves work station layout
- Digital distance control: Variable adjustment of the distance between the pressing shapes during the pressing process to avoid marks and shine on all types of fabric
-Steam lower buck*: for finishing of velvet fabrics
Jacket deposit*: finished good is protected after pressing / Increases quality

Photos and information: www.veit.de

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