Custom Clothing by Kannon's

Like countless others, Isaac George Kannon had a dream: to immigrate to America, to work hard, and to provide his family with a healthy and prosperous life. He stepped ashore in 1905. First he peddled quality goods from a pack on his back-on foot. Then he moved up to the luxury of a horse-and-buggy. Finally, in 1916, Isaac opened a retail store in Wendell, NC. That establishment served and our loyal customers for nearly 100 years. Then, in March 2016, we relocated our Women’s Store to Raleigh’s Cameron Village, not far from where our Men’s Store has been for several years. Now in our Raleigh stores, Kannon’s Clothing remains one of the oldest family-owned clothing store names in the country.

Custom Clothing by Kannon's

Kannon’s is a true family business. It is more than bricks and payrolls: it is a heritage, a living embodiment of the spirit and philosophy of Isaac Kannon. Along with knowledge of the product and commitment to the customer, Isaac lived by a simple maxim: “I’d rather you leave empty handed than with a garment that is not right for you.” Almost 100 years later, this remains Kannon’s’ guiding principle.

Kannon’s is proud to be the winner of the Best in the Triangle for their award-winning customer service.

Custom Clothing by Kannon's

With over 100 years of combined experience their staff will match fit, style and fabrics to each customer’s personal needs. They represent some of the finest custom clothing tailors in the industry and offer service and selection second to none.

Custom Clothing by Kannon's

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