Custom clothing by Bruce Julian from USA

The most important thing in custom clothing is the experience of the person doing the measuring. It doesn’t matter how nice or well made the garment is if the fit is not to your liking. Bruce has been tailoring custom clothing since 1982. Bruce uses a full custom factory (located right here in the United States of America!).

Custom clothing by Bruce Julian from USA

No made to measure here. Made to measure is tweeking an existing pattern to your customer’s needs, basically the same as ordering a pre-altered suit. Full custom involves your own pattern with a full canvas front (the best Bespoke tailoring available) and it is no more expensive than any made to measure guy or internet tailor. Custom is Bruce’s heritage. He understands how it is made, measured, fitted, sold and delivered better than anyone.

Custom clothing by Bruce Julian from USA

CUSTOM LINING! Make it your with your own custom lining! Bruce produces custom lining for individuals and the trade. The options are limitless! Anything from a picture of your children or a black and white of your Grandfather, maybe your school or fraternity insignia. Bruce did an Elvis Pressley lining for Lansky Brothers in Memphis “Clothier to the King”.

Custom clothing by Bruce Julian from USA

They also have custom tuxedo and formal wear options. No matter if this is your first formal event or just the most important, Bruce Julian Clothier has you covered!

In addition to more than 24 years of custom-tailoring experience, Bruce Julian has earned a Custom Tailor Design Certificate from the National Custom Tailors’ Association.

The difference from off-the-rack in terms of quality and fit is remarkable. They offer a vast selection of luxurious Egyptian cottons, and any number of cuff, collar, and sleeve variations.

Custom clothing by Bruce Julian from USA

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