Noble Fleece fabric by Scabal

Scabal’s Noble Fleece collection is more than just a superior Super 200’s suiting; it is the culmination of nearly 500 years’ experience in weaving, all in pursuit of creating the world’s greatest and most socially responsible woolen cloth.

By establishing the Scabal Noble Wool Club in collaboration with Woolmark, and cultivating an elite group of ultrafine wool-growers, we have become an active partner in securing the livelihoods of family-run Australian merino wool farms.

Noble Fleece fabric by Scabal

This allows us to ensure that not only are the animals raised in an ethical and ecologically responsible environment, but also allows us to secure the finest fibres on the planet.

Each strand is then inspected at our historic English mill, which has been crafting continually in the same location since 1539. Should the wool meet their strict criteria concerning crimp, strength and length, it can then begin the process of transformation in the hands of their master weavers into the masterpiece you can see today.

Available in a range of 26 designs and plains, ideal for both business and relaxation, Noble Fleece is the ultimate in understated luxury.

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