Made-to-measure by Ralph Lauren

Dedicated to the highest level of quality and elegance, Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the ultimate expression of luxury for the modern gentleman.

Made-to-measure by Ralph Laurent

Purple Label suits are designed with classic, old-world silhouettes and available in more than 250 fabrics. Finished with hand-pickstitching, each suit represents the highest level of quality and craftsmanship.

Made-to-measure by Ralph Laurent

Purple Label shirts are made in Italy from the highest-quality cotton broadcloth and are stitched using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern production technologies. Each shirt requires 50 stages to complete, including hand-cutting and hand-pressing.

Made-to-measure by Ralph Laurent

Purple Label and Polo tuxedos are at once timeless and modern. Expertly tailored out of luxurious silk or wool, silhouettes can include traditional peaked, notched or shawl lapels finished with grosgrain or satin. The effect is striking, sleek and unmistakably Ralph Lauren.

Made-to-measure by Ralph Laurent

Benchmade shoes and leather goods are crafted from the finest materials, resulting in pieces that will last a lifetime. Personalization services, such as monogramming and engraving, are available for select accessories.

Made-to-measure by Ralph Laurent

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