Men's jacket vents and collar gap

For the vents you’ve got 3 different choices, the most popular is double vents where the jacket has two slits either side. That’s good for several reasons. The jacket can break in three places so when you sit it will crease less but actually you can more often get it a little bit snugger through here, you’ve got more control across the cloth.

The least favoured option is no vents that traditionally you see on dinner jackets, it’s not very popular for suits. And then the last is a center vent where rather than having two side vents you just have one in the center. The origin of that is actually for horse riding, the highest part of the saddle is in the center so the jacket would break evenly across the saddle.

Collar gap is often something that you see on the fit of a jacket when the collar literally stands out from the back of the neck. It’s the sign of two things - either the balance is wrong or there’s not enough cloth in the back so the collar literally can’t go and sit into the neck point.

Traditionally in England they want to see quite a decent amount of collar. When a jacket is very big or often in America they like to show a lot less collar of the shirt, but it just adds a little more interest from the back.

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