Men's suit fashion trends Spring-Summer 2016

It's time to turn on the page in the summer mood and define the trends of the warm seasons. Don't forget to be stylish and cool in your suit.

First of all, you need to know that suit must be comfortable and fits well. Then, you can think what are the trends.

So, the smart-casual style is our favourite - it is ideal for the long evenings and make you feel elegant all the time.

Men's suit fashion trends Spring-Summer 2016
Sartoria Latorre

Next, look for something comfortable and elegant - for example Single or double breasted jacket with attention to details. The blue is a key colour of the season.

Men's suit fashion trends Spring-Summer 2016

Of course don't forget the tailored garments - it is the best way to look stylish and elegant - to order a suit for you, made-to-measure suit. The tailored jackets and suits are characterized by unique and refined details, with high level quality fabrics, so it is worthy.

Men's suit fashion trends Spring-Summer 2016

And last but not least, it is the wedding season, so you will need a formal suit. Bet on the classical tuxedo and tight - revisited through original and exclusive combinations - to new proposals, such as the korean collar suit.

Men's suit fashion trends Spring-Summer 2016

1. Sartoria Latorre Spring-Summer 2016 men's collection
2. Angelo Nardelli 1951 Spring-Summer 2016 Collection
3. Luigi Bianchi Mantova Spring-Summer 2016 collection
4. 911 Lubiam Cerimonia Spring/Summer 2016 collection

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