How to wear shirt and tie by Luciano Barbera

The famous tailor Luciano Barbera gives advises and tips how to wear a shirt and a tie. "It is not enough to have beautiful clothes. Lots of people have beautiful clothes. In fact some people have too many. What is important is what you do with them." - said Barbera.

How to wear shirt and tie by Luciano Barbera

The Shirt:
The shirt is a triumph of modern life, like the automobile or the Internet.
It is easy to put on and take off, quick to wash and easy to store. A man should own as many shirts as he wishes – the more the better.

"I prefer shirts with two pleats on the shoulder because I think that it generates harmony on the body of a man. With shirts, you can do what you want, but you must always create harmony in everything.
For day, I prefer light blue striped shirts more than anything. For evening, you are simply a frame for the beautiful woman beside you. Black with a white shirt is fantastic - never too much, never too little.
Having lots of shirts will allow you to surprise yourself with your own good taste."

How to wear shirt and tie by Luciano Barbera

The Tie:
The tie follows the culture. In the 50’s, Barbera wore a bowtie. In the 60’s - Windsor. In the 70’s, he went open-necked. In the 80’s - a big, aggressive knot. Now Luciano Barbera find that what I want is a less fussed-over knot with soft pleating.

"I think of ties as pieces of elegance that distinguish one man from the next. It is all about harmony and detail.
I personally like knit ties because they are fresh, different and easy to style. But believe me when I say that I own thousands of ties. Whenever I wear a new tie, my suits are reborn.
I think that every man should have one hundred if not one thousand ties." - explained the tailor.

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