How to wear a suit by Luciano Barbera - The Jacket

A suit tells the world you are ready for business. A jacket tells the world you are open to fun. For Barbera, the ideal jacket should have soft, natural lines and balanced proportions. It should fit you but never constrict you.

How to wear a suit by Luciano Barbera - The Jacket

He does not believe in stiff shoulder pads. That is vanity, not style. And do not wear your jacket too tight. If it’s too tight, you will look like a matador.

If you travel, you need a fantastic blazer. It is full of possibility and can cover many occasions. You should think of your blazer as a passport for everything.

Cotton and linen are appropriate when there is a breeze, or indoors when you don’t need to walk. Wool is the best choice for every day, in warm weather or cold.

Whenever Luciano Barbera sees a man playing golf or tennis in his jacket, he knows that he and the man could be friends.

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