Nathan Custom Tailors: Custom clothing from Richmond

Mass-made clothing is, of necessity, sized for the masses. Dimensions are reduced to the most likely measurements and produced accordingly. Ready-made suits are made to fit the average person. The trouble is that no one is average. At Nathan’s, we consider much more than just your measurements. Crucial to the balance of every Nathan’s garment are details such as shoulder description, posture and hip level.

In this day of mass-produced products and lowest-common-denominator thinking, it’s good to know that you can still have your personal preferences and needs taken into account.

Nathan Custom Tailors: Custom clothing from Richmond Nathan Custom Tailors: Custom clothing from Richmond

Power, especially in the context of business and politics, is an elusive quality. It is sought after by nearly everyone, but attained by only a few. From season to season, an item of fashion gains noteworthy popularity as an emblem of power. You may say that a red tie is a power tie at one time. In another season, perhaps the yellow or purple tie occupies the position of power. Perhaps no other item of clothing embodies authority and influence like that of a well-tailored power suit.

The custom tailored suit is the ranking favorite among power brokers everywhere. While the details of single or double-breasted styling, lapel options and button counts may vary, it is clear that the strong shoulder line, accentuating the masculine form is the dominant characteristic of the quintessential power suit. The chalk-stripe suit, in the classic colors of navy and gray, is often the first to come to mind when imagining the power suit. The clout of this authoritative wardrobe choice goes well beyond the surface. It is the hand cut and tailored details that define this expression of influence, resulting in powerful combination intended to make the owner look like a million bucks. Nathan's task as custom tailors is to assist you in the discovery of your strong suits so that each exudes comfortable confidence.

Nathan Custom Tailors: Custom clothing from Richmond Nathan Custom Tailors: Custom clothing from Richmond

Consider your personal sense of style when fitting a suit: double-breasted suits are generally dressier than their single-breasted counterparts. Coats without a vent are sleeker.

Fabric selection should follow your wearing needs. If you travel frequently in your suits, be sure to select heavy-wearing fabrics. A suit for occasional use can be made of lighter, dressier fabrics.

Keep your wardrobe long-lasting and effective by getting a custom suit crafted to your needs, not the momentary fads. A fine suit, tailored to your frame and preferences, is enduring. That’s value.

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