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Custom Cowboy Boots are becoming increasingly popular - especially amongst the fashion-forward individuals. With custom cowboy boots, you have something that can last long and give you the comfort you need in your daily activities. They are stylish, modern, and extremely comfortable. Plus, both men and women can wear these boots - making them a popular choice for those who love class and style. But where can you purchase your custom cowboy boots from? Well, this article is going to list popular places where popular cowboy boots can be purchased from. Plus, you’ll learn how to choose a genuine pair of quality cowboy boots.

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How to Choose Quality Cowboy Boots

Custom Cowboy Boots are meant to last long. They are comfortable and stylish. But choosing a poor quality boot can be frustrating. That’s why you should do some research when choosing genuine Custom Cowboy Boots. Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Reading online reviews

  • Posting your needs on forums

  • Asking friends for referrals

  • Conducting extensive research

  • Knowing your size

Cowboy boots are generally conventional riding boots. Of course, you may think of them as a fashion statement, however, it’s important to note that they actually offer practical value to American cowboys.

The traditional riding boots, which were created in the early 1900s, featured unique heels as well as tall tops. They were later adapted to endure the harsh western environment. These boots were termed as cowboy boots and their features are still dominant in today’s cowboy boots.

When it comes to design, cowboy boots feature a signature look that actually incorporates a Cuban heel, a pointed/rounded toe section, plus a high shaft. Conventionally, cowboy boots lacked lacings, but modern versions might have this feature.

How Are They Designed?

Fabricated with cowhide leather, cowboy shoes can also be created using various animal skins like snakes, alligators, lizards, and elephants, as well as elks. Some contemporary cowboy boots made of faux leather, so animals won’t become endangered during the shoemaking process.

If you’re looking for custom leather stitching, as well as high-quality material, cowboy boots can be a cool option for you. There is nothing better and more comfortable than a pair of well-crafted handmade boots. Boot-making is a unique art that’s quite difficult to master. So, if you already own a pair you understand their true value.

Whether you’re planning to purchase your first pair or add some handmade boots into your existing collection, here’s a list of the best cowboy boots that are worth your investment.

Kimmel Boot

Kimmel is a renowned boot company that’s located in Austin, Texas. It has over 38 years of experience in the custom-boot making industry and is popular for its state-of-the-art products. They’ve successfully made boots for Hollywood stars such as Priscilla Presley and Sandra Bullock. Plus, they craft classic boots with their customers in mind. They’ve outstanding boot making skills and you’ll definitely find something that suits your personal style. The company has actually turned the purchase of custom boots into a family tradition. So, if you’re looking for high-quality handmade custom style cowboy boots, Kimmel is the perfect boot-maker for you.

Heritage Boot

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of cowboy boots, make the Heritage Boot Company your ultimate partner. They handcraft exceptional boots with a vintage feel. All their designs are inspired by the past and they have a vintage mercantile business strategy, which means that they only sell their products in-store or by phone.  And this is an incredible way of conducting business as it makes it possible for clients to enjoy direct responses, not automated messages.

The firm’s founder, Jerry Ryan believes that this is the only sure way to create handmade boots that are tailored to customers’ specific needs.

Stallion Boots And Leather Goods

Stallion Boots is another Texas native that manufactures custom boots in EL Paso. It utilizes high-quality materials from across the world and prides itself in its unique sense of style and an eye for fashion. The company works with top designers like Ralph Lauren, Dolce, Dior, and Gabbana. Besides, they have an extensive range of exotic leathers and always strive to craft top quality boots that perfectly complement your unique style.

J.B. Hill Texas

J.B. Hill is another renowned company that specializes in the production of custom-made cowboy boots. It’s located in EL Paso, Texas and its crafters utilize classic Singer sewing machines to make topnotch boots. They manufacture about 8 boots daily with precision and focus. If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of perfectly-fitting custom-made cowboy boots, J.B could be your perfect choice. Buy their handmade boots today and experience fine craftsmanship.

Their boots are super comfy and offer a luxurious feel. And you can readily choose from a wide assortment of colors, shapes, and designs.

Little’s Boot

This family-run business keeps the tradition alive. It has been handcrafting high-class boots since the year 1915. Little’s Boot Company specializes in the manufacture of distinctive western cowboy boots. Fully customized, the firm wants to make your dream boots a reality. Right from the color of their leather to the heel size of the cowboy boot, everything is well-designed. If you really want to wear a boot that’s created with passion, Little’s Boot has got you covered.

Their products are stylish, unique, and satisfying. Even more, the company values precision and always strives to deliver the best quality products to its customers. So, when shopping around for cowboy boots, you may want to prioritize this company’s products.

The Bottom Line

Don’t just purchase any boots. Buy a genuine custom cowboy coots from a reliable supplier. Learn how to get the best deal on the market. Conduct your research. Read online reviews. Know your size. You can also ask friends for referrals. Familiarize yourself with the best places to buy genuine handmade boots. With numerous designs available on today’s market, it’s extremely easy finding a design that complements your own style.

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