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There's only one chance to make a first impression, particularly if you're trying to create a fashion show opener in a matter of minutes. People usually know whether or not they like something within the first few seconds of your introduction.

If you're not able to capture the audience's attention within that timeframe and engage them instantly, they switch off. You need to have a hook. It's almost like saying, “Hey, come here. I've got something you're going to want to see.”

In those precious beginning moments, the audience wants to know what they have to look forward to, and if they need to keep watching. What is it you have that they want to see?

This is why it's so important that the opener to a fashion show be catchy. Once you've drawn the folks in, they'll continue to watch, and potentially purchase products.

Fashion show opener

Fashion Marketing

Having the pressure of coming up with a unique introduction for your fashion show could be very intimidating. Marketing as a whole is a very involved and time consuming process.

What is fashion marketing? This is basically creating a demand among the target consumers for the brand that you have chosen to build your business around. Ask yourself who this person is that's buying your product and why do they want to buy it. Try to educate yourself on the buyer.

Well, how do you do that? In a nutshell, you sell the brand's positive image story to every medium available to you. Like a rumor, the story will spread through the networks. Focus on a brand that is unique and only one item.

From there we go to what's known as the “four P’s” or the “marketing mix”. These should tie in with the target customer and the brand's story.

- Price: How much money do you want the target buyer to pay for the product?

- Place: Where will you sell/distribute? Where does your target crowd like to shop?

- Product: This is the actual piece of clothing that you've chosen for your target consumer.

- Promotion: How will you tell your brand's story to your target customer? What do they follow on their social sites?

In the fashion industry, “events” are losing steam. These one-day costly ventures were limiting the vendors as far as time and space. It seems, as with everything these days, fashion is going digital.

Rising Value of Digital Content Marketing

With fashion events there was a lot of sporadic same day in and out, finished, and the public would go home and lose the images from their mind. They needed something more impactful, something that would have a much longer shelf life.

Fashion show opener

With digital marketing, you have the opportunity to create content. By posting one single piece of content on a social network, there could be a multitude of comments. If you respond to them, you'll be building relationships among the potential target buyers.

This is the way to also find out what the customers like or dislike. Things you could use in future digital marketing strategies. To make an even bigger impression on your audience, fashion show openers can be done by video.

Renderforest Fashion Show Openers

The problem with that is it would be particularly time consuming and expensive for a business owner or inexperienced staff member to pull off. To put such effort into a project in order to bring the wow-factor to the public would be significant.

Is there anyone in your company with the know-how to design the perfect intro/opener for a fashion show video? Does the business have the proper software and equipment? How about the budget?

There are companies that specifically offer services that will enable you to make the most innovative fashion show openers in your niche. One of those is Renderforest.

Renderforest is probably one of the best of its kind and a most unique system. It is a free online tool that users can register and dive into their graphic design dreams. There are, what seems like, thousands of customizable templates to choose from in order to make high quality things from logos to slideshows, all the way up to promotional business videos. They have the capability for you to add some music, do voice overs, put in text. Plus you can do revisions as often as you like. The really nice thing, too, it saves what you do forever.

Renderforest does offer paid subscription plans in addition to its free version. These are when you want to go beyond a novice level and get more into advanced technology for your business. They have Amateur, Pro, and Business. If you choose the Business level, the Renderforest watermark will be removed. This way there’s no interference with your professional pieces.

Everything done on Renderforest can be shared on your social sites or the web. It's kind of a personal marketing system all online.

Fashion show opener

The reviews for Renderforest were absolutely phenomenal. A first to be seen here, perfect.

Everyone was so impressed with the ease of use. It is so simplistic to manipulate but yet produces such sophisticated work. They concurred that it is immensely valuable in communicating messages to clients via social network. Consumers found it to be the best of what's available on the market and loved the unbelievable number of templates that are available.


As we progress into this ever growing technological world, the advances that are coming to us are just simply amazing. This one tool has done more for graphic designers, marketers, photographers, designers, artists, writers the list goes on.

Some are not made for technology and fight it every step of the way. Yet, technology entices them more and more until it finally gets its way.

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