There is no improvement without due attention to sustainability

Maglificio Maggia received the 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Award in Paris in September 2018.

There is no improvement without due attention to sustainability

The brand has been able to get the signs of the market change all along, so that it can guarantee the full respect of all eco-toxicological parameters requested by national and international regulations. In November 2017 Maglificio Maggia received the significant certification by Associazione Tessile & Salute. Traceability and Safety in Maglificio Maggia are at the service of a never-changing business philosophy: to operate within the law in order to create innovative, unique and sustainable fabrics.

Maglificio Maggia makes its fabrics in their plant located in Occhieppo Superiore, near Biella. In order to best meet the requests of the customers, they offer a wide variety of fabrics, from simple jersey for t-shirts and mercerized interlock for blouses to fleece and doublet for men’s jackets, from stitched jersey for soft women’s dresses to technical fabrics and terry cloths.

Maglificio Maggia believes that growth deserves such a name only if it is able to guarantee health and wellness to those who come after us. This is why textile industry becomes an important player in such a game, in which Made in Italy leads the way thank to its Quality and Excellence.

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