303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Awards at Milano Unica

Does anyone have the right to produce unethical? This question asked 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Organization all companies that were presented in the sustainability area at Milano Unica from 10 to 12 July. Milano Unica made an effort to engage and promote all the companies that have made concrete decisions in favour of the environment. 303 Tuscans Ethical Fashion Organization is convinced that sustainability should go hand in hand with ethics. The team of the organization made interviews, analyzed the companies and awarded 23 brands that beside sustainability, also correspond to the ethical fashion criterias and are willing to give publicity to ethical fashion.

Does anyone have the right to produce unethical?

Here are the criterias that were analyzed:

- Bio materials
- Materials from responsibly managed forests or from recycled sources
- Materials free of hazardous chemicals
- Innovative bio-based fibers
- Chemical fibers from closed-loop processes
- Traditional low impact materials
- Cruelty-free animal fibers
- Companies adopting sustainability management system
- Made in Italy manufacturing
- Fair trade
- Transparency of the supply chain
- Companies participating in ethical fashion initiatives

The awarded companies are:

1. Berto E.G. Industria Tessile
2. Besani SRL
3. C.Pauli GmbH
4. Com.I.Stra Srl
5. Dragoni Spa
6. Eusebio Spa
7. Girani Srl
8. Iluna Group Spa
9. In.Tes.PRa.Industria Tessiti Pratesi Spa
10. Jackytex Spa
11. Lanificio Paoletti – M.T.F Srl
12. Mapel Spa
13. Marini Industrie Spa
14. Picchi Spa
15. Pontetorto Spa
16. Prym Fashion Italia Spa
17. Reca Group Spa
18. Redmark Srl
19. Tessitura Corti Srl
20. Trendytex Srl
21. Vitale Barberis Canonico
22. Zignone
23. Z la Zecca

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