Style tips for the quintessential bachelor

Living alone and being single are not plausible excuses to slack in your lifestyle, eat unhealthy foods and dress sluggishly.

If anything, you should take advantage of the freedom that comes with being a bachelor to hit the gym and get fit, prepare healthy meals and up your style game. Your social and professional life will reward you for all the effort because whether we admit it or not, people’s perceptions heavily rely on one’s appearance.

Clean and do some interior d?cor for your bachelor pad and furnish your wardrobe with a few essential fashion items and you are good to go.

Style your home
Your house does doesn’t have to be a man cave with beer cans strewn all over and rotting dishes in the kitchen sink. Remember you are an adult and there are certain levels of hygiene and responsibility that comes with the territory.
Plus, living in unhygienic conditions makes it difficult for comfortably spend time in your own house. This will prompt you to always eat out and spend your free time at bars which might be unhealthy.
You might also have to host guests and it will be embarrassing if they have to kick away your dirty clothes and leftover pizza to find a place to sit.

Clean your house regularly, neatly arrange your furniture and remember to make your bed when you wake up. Create a stylish bachelor pad; even finding clothes to wear would be difficult in a cramped house.
Wash your dishes after meals and get a suitable garbage disposal from Mrgarbagedisposal.Com to prevent your sink from clogging.

Dress your age
You are a man and you should dress like one – not like a boy. Do not mistake casual Fridays for the liberty to dress like a teenage boy.
Do not wear graphic t-shirts with funny quotes to the office or social events. Instead, go for t-shirts with solid colors or invest a few polo shirts for informal occasions.
A good blazer will also come in handy on the mornings after you spent the night with your pals at the bar or the sink was clogged and you had to do some plumbing works which took longer than you expected because you are not a professional. A blazer makes you look mature.

Wear well-fitting clothes
Whether you are rocking a pair of denim or dress pants, you clothes need to be well fitting. Your pants should fit well without a belt. A belt is only to accessorize and hold your outfit together. More importantly, avoid wearing oversized pants that you have to pull with every step. You are not a 90s rapper. Even rappers of the 90s don’t wear baggy clothes anymore.
Do not wear undersize clothes either. They look tacky and make you look and feel uncomfortable. Wear clothes that fit comfortably and which are made of good fabric that allows your skin to breathe. If you don't find the suitable ready-to-wear clothes, order made-to-measure clothes.

Invest in quality footwear
People always notice your shoes first. Different outfits need to be matched with different types of shoes. It is a great fashion faux pas to wear an elegant outfit with mismatched or worn out shoes.
Get quality dress shoes for your formal outfits, and at least two different casual shoes for the informal outfits.

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