Star Burleigh - Mexican born stylist

Star Burleigh was born in Veracruz, Mexico and moved to the United States at the age of four. From a very young age, Star developed a love and passion for the arts. She spent her childhood in art lessons where she focused on painting, photography, sculpting, and sketching. During her teen years she became obsessed with fashion and like any kid growing up in Los Angeles, a dream of one day working for Hollywood.

Star Burleigh - Mexican born stylist

Star enrolled at the Academy of Art University in the summer of 2013 and majored in fashion styling and marketing. Star has been fortunate to have numerous positions ranging from public relations, visual merchandising, buying, product development, designing, set design, editorial styling, commercial styling, product styling, celebrity styling, personal shopping, and fashion show production. And although Star has loved all her previous positions her true love is in fashion styling and costume design.

Star Burleigh - Mexican born stylist

Star is currently establishing herself in the Los Angeles and New York market, while also assisting on celebrity styling, editorial styling, and costume design jobs. Star is based out out of Los Angeles but regularly travels to New York City & San Francisco for work.

Styling Publications & Features: Teeth Magazine (April 2017), Beauty Rebel Magazine (January 2017), Photo Vogue- Vogue Italia (October 2016), Florum Magazine (October 2016), Lucy's (September 2016), Clich? Magazine (August 2016), Look Magazine (June 2016), Astound Magazine (March 2016), Vulkan Online (February 2016), Bob-Cut Magazine (January 2016), Elegant Magazine (December 2015), F-Shift Magazine (November 2015), Astound Magazine (November 2015), Florum Magazine (October 2015), Ell?ments Magazine (October 2015), Elegant Magazine (September 2015), HUF Magazine (September 2015), Clich? Magazine (August/September 2015), Superior Magazine (August 2015), Vulkan Online (August 2015), Unfashion (July 2015), Valentina Magazine (July 2015), HUF Magazine (May 2015), Photo Vogue- Vogue Italia (March 2015).

Star Burleigh - Mexican born stylist

Clients: Altana Danzhalova, Arthritis Foundation, Ashlyn’d, Astound Magazine, Dualitas, Elegant Magazine, Florum Magazine, FSHN Magazine, Happy Socks, HUF Magazine, JE Models, Jeremy Vu, Look Magazine, Look Model Agency, Magritte, Nordstrom, No Tie Model Management, Silo Films, Stars Model Management, Scout Model & Talent Agency, Unfashion Magazine, Vulkan Magazine, & Wilkes Bashford.

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