Made-to-measure suits by Sartoria Latorre

Michele Latorre founded Sartoria Latorre in 1965, initially as a little local company, to produce made-to-measure suits. During the years, Michele gains experience serving local customers in his small workshop at Locorotondo, a beautiful village, in the very heart of Valle d’Itria, Puglia.

Made-to-measure suits by Sartoria Latorre

Michele always considered the Neapolitan bespoke tailoring an essential referring point. Even today, his creation, still inspired by this culture, are appreciated not only locally.

Made-to-measure suits by Sartoria Latorre

The production process at SARTORIA LATORRE are several, deriving from the ancient tailor’s shop tradition.
Thimble, needle, thread are the kernel of their work, a unique key for a fastidious and excellent work. These simple and fundamental tools evolved during the years, through a mix between tradition and innovation.
Modern technologies used by skillful people guarantee a tailoring targeted to perfection. You can recognize a SARTORIA LATORRE garment by the perfect fit, the faultless details, and the made-to-measure elegance: these are the ingredients for a unique and updated style.

Made-to-measure suits by Sartoria Latorre

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