Beyond Bespoke - high quality bespoke suits in USA

Each bespoke tailoring appointment in Beyond Bespoke, whether it be for a suit, a shirt or a pair of trousers , begins with a conversation because, as with all the finer things in life, it’s difficult to articulate, or even really know, what you want until you begin to appreciate the plethora that’s at your disposal.

Beyond Bespoke - high quality bespoke suits in USA

If you’re a first-time client, Mr. Torres will want to begin to know you so that he can gain a better grasp on not only what you like to wear but also what you could wear. “What I want to try to do is challenge you,” he says. “And every time you come in, I’m going to try to challenge you a little bit more.” It’s a fresh pair of eyes . But it’s also an expert clothier who can show you how to play up your favorite features and work around those insecurities that have been nagging you.

Beyond Bespoke - high quality bespoke suits in USA

From there, Mr. Torres will select several swatches from an inventory of thousands of fabrics that he feels align best with your needs—season, occasion—and wants—style—for the garment. And then the true fun begins. Every nuance is up for discussion. If you’re shopping for a suit, you’ll be asked to consider if you want a two- or a three-piece, double vents or one, notch lapels or peak. The experience may sound overwhelming, but you’ll have a veteran navigator at your disposal. Keep in mind, while this may be your first bespoke suit, Mr. Torres has crafted hundreds of them.

Beyond Bespoke - high quality bespoke suits in USA

As is his custom, he saves his favorite decision for last: the jacket lining. Mr. Torres believes in making a statement here, in the fashion of the revered London designer, Ted Baker.

Once the suit is composed, Mr. Torres will take meticulous measurements. A month to six weeks later, you’ll return to the studio for your first fitting. (Wear your dress shoes and a dress shirt to ensure an accurate assessment.) If you have any questions or reconsiderations, now is the time to express them. Then, you’ll return for your final fitting in another week or two.

Beyond Bespoke - high quality bespoke suits in USA

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