The stripes by Joseph Abboud

Stripes are back. But, then, they have never really gone away. One of the cornerstones of menswear, stripes have always been prevalent in all categories: suits, sport jackets, shirts, ties, sportswear and in just about every accessory possible such as socks and bags for example. Recently, we have seen menswear dominated by plaids and checks in these same items, but the cycle appears to be changing once again in favor of stripes, yet in a somewhat different way.

Stripes come in all shapes and sizes…chalk stripes, bead stripes, pin stripes, club stripes, regimental stripes just to name a few. They can range from the ultra conservative to uber modern but they certainly are a perennial in men’s clothing and sportswear. Y

So it is with stripes…yes, very exciting and they are coming back with a vengeance. But let’s keep it in perspective…we don’t want them to disappear again anytime soon and even the “new horizontals” should be shown with restraint and in designs and styles that make sense when it comes to wearing this current fashion trend.

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