Berlin - a city of bespoke tailoring

When it comes to bespoke tailoring, we first think about Italy, especially Naples and Milan or Savile Row or even Paris – but one city is hardly ever mentioned: Berlin.

Berlin - a bespoke city

With regard to men’s bespoke tailors, there were still quite a few left, both in the eastern and western part of the city. However, today few remain, and the most famous one – Volkmar Arnulf- is well into his seventies and his bespoke suits start at €3500 ($4500).

Berlin - a bespoke city

Alexander Amann – Passionate Bespoke Tailor in 6th Generation and he is the youngest bespoke tailor in Berlin.

Berlin - a bespoke city

He is very approachable. Even bespoke newbies who do not know what bespoke really means should have no problem with Amann’s down-to-earth mentality and willingness to explain everything. Amann has a passion for tailoring, but he was also proud of being a tailor and for him that all garments are cut and sewn in-house from start to finish. Sometimes, if he is really busy a freelance worker may come to the tailor shop in order to sew the buttonholes or finish other little details. Generally, Amann makes a suit from start to finish in about 60 to 70 hours, depending on the style.

Berlin - a bespoke city

Berlin - a bespoke city


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