Goldratt's strategy definition

What is strategy?

What is the chance that you get the same answer from two different people? Eliahu Goldratt spoke about his definition of the word strategy, which is the core of the Theory of Constraints. Strategy is the direction in which you want to move your company now and in the future.

The main question is what we have to change? What is the problem? How to understand that the strategy we chose is good for our company?

Every company was build with a purpose. Every company was build in order to achieve something. Which means the goal of the company. The good strategy shows us how to reach this goal. The goal is determined by the people who own the company.

If the strategy doesn't show us how to make money now as well as in the future, it means that the strategy we chose is not good.

There is a business strategy conference in June that will focus on the Theory of Constraints - the popular theory by Eliahu Goldratt. The conference is international and you are invited to read more and register at

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