Common suit alterations - what tailors can actually do

A tailor is not a miracle worker and there are only a few set common alterations a tailor will be able to make to your ready-to-wear suits. Here they are:

- Shortening suit-jacket sleeves
- Hemming pants to make them shorter
- Adding or removing pant cuffs
- Slimming the arms or sides of a suit jacket
- Slimming the rear and legs of the pants
- Adding darts to make a dress shirt fit slimmer and shortening the cuffs

The three most important terms to know are:

Let it out: You want more fabric here
Take it in: You want less fabric so it fits closer to the body
Break: how your pants will drape over your shoes

In order to have a suit that fits, my advice is that you directly order a made-to-measure suit or if you can afford to pay more, you can buy a bespoke suit.

Common suit alterations - what tailors can actually do

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