The made-to-measure suit can be completely customized

If you are not fully acquainted what a made-to-measure men's suit is, this article will give you a better idea why you need a made-to-measure suit. Apart from the fact that a made-to-measure suit will fit you perfectly, you should know that you can have a completely unique suit made by your request and not available in any store around the world.

The made-to-measure suit can be completely customized

Here is a list of things you can change in a made-to-measure suit:

The made-to-measure suit can be completely customizedThe Jacket

• The fabric

• Notched or peaked lapels

• Lapel width

• Single or double breasted

• Number of buttons for the jacket front

• Straight or hacking pockets

• Patch pockets

• Ticket pocket

• Pocket flaps

• Number of buttons for cuff

The made-to-measure suit can be completely customized• Kissing or overlapping cuff buttons

• Pick stitching

• Elbow patches

• Vents in the back

• Contrasting buttonhole thread

• Contrasting button stitching thread

• Buttons

• Lining

• Sleeve lining

• Trim lining

• Melton color

• Embroidery - your name, logo or whatever you wish

The made-to-measure suit can be completely customized
The Trousers

• The fabric

• Cuffs

• Cuff height

• Pleats or no pleats

• Rear pocket style

• Number of rear pockets

• Belt loops

• Side adjustors

• Suspender buttons

• Pick stitching

• Buttons

The Vest

• The fabric

• Number of buttons

• Number of pockets

• Self or lining back

• Buttons

• Contrasting buttonhole thread

• Contrasting button stitching thread

• Pick stitching

As you can see, in a made-to-measure suit you can change practically everything! The amazing thing is that you can be your own designer and due to the technologies this is very easy and you can do it online! And made-to-measure suits are becoming more and more affordable. Moreover, you can order MTM suits for your friends and colleagues and earn money. For example, the men's suits factory Richmart offers a completely free one day training and then you will be able to become their fashion consultant and earn money by promoting their suits. Here you can read more details How to become a fashion consultant without any designer skills.

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