How to create a men's suit business in Europe & USA

RICHMART offers additional business for more than 1 000 people working and studying in the USA and West Europe.

Become Richmart's partner - agent, distributor or promoter of men's suits or create your own business - a made-to-mesure atelier for men's suits (franchising system).

How to create a men's suit business in Europe & USA

How to create a men's suit business in Europe & USA

The business offer is suitable for:

- working and studying individuals (you can offer the men's suits to your colleagues, friends or via an online shop);

- people with their own private business (you can easily develop additional business for yourself or a relative)

How to create a men's suit business in Europe & USA

Required skills:

- good communication skills;

- good knowledge of the language of the country you are living at;

- salesmanship skills;

How to create a men's suit business in Europe & USA


It is not required to have any designer skills. The client is the one creating the model and it is fulfilled by his request by the factory.

Richmart provides for free the required technological knowledge in a one day training. This training can be conducted in the following locations:

- showroom in the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands;

- at Richmart's booth in more than 40 international fashion fairs during the year (in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Wien and others);

- the showroom of Richmart company in Ruse, Bulgaria

How to create a men's suit business in Europe & USA

RICHMART is the most modern company for custom men's suits (MTM) in Europe. The Made-To-Measure suit is a product gaining even more popularity on the USA and West Europe market. The MTM suits are provided mainly by master tailors and their production and market price is very high.

RICHMART developed a production line for MTM suits (using the principle of Henry Ford in his automobile production line) and achieved a luxury product - 100% European production with 100% European materials with competitive price.

RICHMART uses selections of fabrics from leading Italian and British manufacturers with over 1500 different designs.

This business model offers the possibility for their partners to enter the global fashion industry and start making profit with only a small investment (the cost of the fitting suits).

The business model Made-to-measure is successfully tested with partners from over 30 countries.

How to create a men's suit business in Europe & USA

The financing part for the partners in this business model:

- active agents, distributors and promoters have achieved an yearly profit of over 50 000 euro (the only investment is for ordering the samples);

- those who have invested in a private business (MTM franchising atelier) - the profit depends on the number of the ateliers and the activity of the management, but an excellent business with small investments can be achieved.

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