Grid Plates - The long-life alternative to traditional cover materials

Grid Plates - The long-life alternative to traditional cover materialsFor those who want to use latest technology in ironing and cut costs, we are going to present the BRISAY ironing machines.

They are equipped with an elaborate cover system which has been optimized over decades. This cover system ensures optimal ironing results.

However, the life span of such a cover is limited. Depending on usage, the covers need to be renewed regularly after 3-6 months.

In many production plants, fitting the cover constitutes a problem: • Quality problems. If staff is not adequately trained, the combination of the varoius layers of the cover system will not be correctly fitted leading to bad pressing results.
• Extra hours. Covers must be fitted out of production hours, thus requiring technicians to work overtime
• Cost of cover materials
• Decreasing quality. Material fatigue starts already after approximately half the cover’s life span
• Duplicate work. When fixing the cover or cleaning the fine wire mesh, marks may be caused which are then difficult to remove. Often, the wire mesh has to be replaced entirely, thus causing additional costs and extra working hours

That is why BRISAY have developed an alternative:
The Grid Plates with specially coated surface.
• Special “sandwich” structure. The structure of the intermediate layer of the grid plates ensures a more homogenous distribution of steam, compressed air and vacuum as compared to standard covers.
• No marks. Marks are avoided because there is no uncontrolled evaporation of steam.
• Unlike with regular covers, there is no Moiré effect when using grid plates.
• Most garments can be ironed to a higher degree of dryness

Grid Plates - The long-life alternative to traditional cover materialsImproved quality through:
• Mistakes in the combination of the varoius layers of the cover system and thus bad pressing
results are avoided
• Special shape: homogenous finishing results; equal pressure at any point of the buck

If you use the Grid Plates with specially coated surface you will cut costs due to:
• Long life span – minimum of five years (at 600 pcs/day and adequate use)
• Grid plate can be reprocessed and recoated
• Within 30 minutes, you can exchange your old cover against the new grid plates
• No modification of machine required

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