Men's Style project offers real measures against unemployment in fashion industry

Men's Style project offers real measures against unemployment in fashion industryYouth unemployment is at critical levels - in the EU 23.3 percent (5.5 million) of those under the age of 25 are jobless, according to EU figures.

The European Union is preparing a 6-billion-euro ($8-billion) package to address the problem. The money will be used to help young people find jobs or vocational training. There are several ways the money can be spent to fight youth unemployment. But what I believe will be the best option is to support entrepreneurship among the unemployed young people. Start-up entrepreneurs could be supported with credits and consultation.

A very interesting project has recently started. It is called Men's Style. The project provides real business opportunities to fashion designers, photographers and filmmakers and will also support the whole fashion industry.

Men's Style will initially run until the end of 2014, then it could be extended. It is in the form of a contest and it will provide to 600 fashion designers through the whole 2014 a business plan for developing an atelier for men's made-to-measure suits and training for the realization of the business plan. Imagine that all those fashion designers start their successful business and buy new machines, equipment and software, hire employees - the effect for the industry will quickly be accumulated.

In the frame of the project the suits collections of 60 designers will be produced free of charge from fabrics and materials, provided by the organizers. Only wool fabrics from European manufacturers (UK, Italy) will be used and the suits will be manufactured in the modern European factory for men's suits Richmart.

When ready, all collections will be shot by the photographers, involved in the project and will be added to an e-shop, where they can be bought online. All suits will be made to measure but sold at affordable prices.

If you like the idea of the Men's Style project and you are working in the men's fashion industry - don't hesitate to contact me and become a part of this project - either as participant or partner.

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