Digital Product Passports from PicoNext Now with Free Planning and Publishing Tools

No-charge tools are first to enable companies to prepare product sustainability info using industry templates and publish to a Digital Product Passport

Last week PicoNext announced the launch of new, free tools that help companies organize, prepare, and publish their product sustainability information as a Digital Product Passport (DPP). The new DPP Planner is the first sustainability tool to democratize Digital Product Passport creation using pre-built, industry-specific templates, alongside an extensive library of sustainability reporting attributes. In addition, the new PicoNext Free Tier enables companies to gain experience publishing Digital Product Passports in the cloud, at no cost.

Digital Product Passports soon-to-be required in the European Union

Digital Product Passport regulations in the European Union require brands to provide sustainability data to customers, including reporting on attributes such as materials sourcing, carbon footprint, recyclability and more. Typically accessed via a QR code or a Web link, Digital Product Passports allow customers to easily view this environmental information by category, and enable companies to create a brand experience around the data while improving transparency and trust.

Digital Product Passports from PicoNext Now with Free Planning and Publishing Tools
Companies can use pre-built templates in DPP Planner to accelerate Digital Product Passport preparation

Organizing Digital Product Passport info using pre-built templates

The new DPP Planner capability is a one-stop location for companies to gather sustainability information from different locations in their company, as well as across their supply chains. Sustainability managers can get started quickly by choosing from pre-built templates for apparel, textiles, batteries, plastics, and other industries anticipated to be covered by DPP regulations. In addition, they can customize company-specific templates for later use using an extensive library of sustainability attributes – like raw materials sourcing, recyclability, durability, carbon impact, resource usage, social responsibility and more.

Engaging customers with visual Digital Product Passport data

The DPP Planner capability enables users to include visual sustainability data in Digital Product Passports in order to support their environmental claims and avoid greenwashing. Brands can engage users with videos, images, infographics, audit reports, certification links, and other data that show consumers the step-by-step actions a brand is taking around sustainability, and also build greater trust with customers. In addition, using DPP Planner, companies can also organize their sustainability information using custom categories, as well as report on the dates that events occurred.

Digital Product Passports from PicoNext Now with Free Planning and Publishing Tools

Brands can use infographics, images, and Web links to engage customers with Digital Product Passport data.

Publish Digital Product Passports at no cost with new PicoNext Free Tier

In addition, the new PicoNext Free Tier allows companies to publish Digital Product Passports at no-charge, to gain valuable experience with and customer feedback about DPPs as regulations are evolving.
The PicoNext Free Tier enables companies to:

1. Access a version of DPP Planner to organize sustainability information using industry-specific templates

2. Publish a select number of DPPs in the cloud

3. Update and edit associated DPP sustainability events

4. Provide customer access to DPP information using a turnkey, pre-formatted Web viewer

The PicoNext Free Tier also allows brands to provide QR codes and Web links to their customers to easily access Digital Product Passports on the Web using a smartphone, with no additional apps or downloads required.

“As companies seek to comply with evolving regulatory requirements and differentiate themselves using sustainability, they can gain valuable experience by publishing Digital Product Passports today,” said Dave Dickson, founder of PicoNext. “With the new PicoNext Free Tier and DPP Planner capability, brands can accelerate their sustainability reporting and gain important customer feedback on their DPPs prior to the full force of E.U. regulation.”


The PicoNext Free Tier is now available to organizations with an invite. Companies can request an invite to the PicoNext Free Tier at

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