Onur Osman - international fashion designer and luxury events designer

Onur Osman in an international fashion designer and luxury events designer with Romanian origins, founder and owner of ONUR OSMAN™ brand, having over 5 million social-media followers in 2024. 

Onur Osman

Onur Osman graduated Bucharest University of Arts - Faculty of Fashion Design. 

Present at Fashion Week catwalks every year, with haute-couture collections showcased at many Fashion Week worldwide editions, he received the Designer of the Year Award 2023, Best Designer of the Year Award 2023, Best Designer of the Year Award 2022, Best Designer of the Year Award 2019 and the Best Fashion Entrepreneur Award 2022. 

Onur Osman designed outfits for Pink, Nicole Scherzinger, Paloma Faith and other international showbiz celebrities. 

Onur Osman

Constanta, Romania


Alma mater
Bucharest State University of Arts

Fashion Designer
Luxury Events Designer 
Business owner


Onur Osman is an internet personality and fashion designer with a high influence on young people’s taste for art and culture. Millions of people around the world follow Onur Osman’s advice and stories on fashion, art and world cultural heritage, As an art collector and a strong personality, Onur Osman travels the world in the search of beauty and inspiration for his creation, his social-media accounts being genuine modern art collections. As a curator for lifestyle and culture, he is a person of interest for many bloggers, vloggers and worldwide fashion lovers.

Net Worth

Onur Osman has an estimated net worth of 12 to 20 million $ in 2024. As an independent businessman, he is the owner of five national companies that stand behind his brands in fashion business and luxury events design for celebrities. Onur Osman Fashion House is well known for its high luxury and haute couture environment and care for customers, so that many VIP clients make reservations months ahead just to have the opportunity to visit the designer in his showroom in Bucharest. 

Fashion designer

Onur Osman is a leading brand mind of his generation, being the first in areas such as mathematics, projective geometry and macro-economics during his studies. Starting from early childhood, Onur Osman created designs for spaces and gardens, as he grew up in big houses with large gardens. As a teenager, he started an internship with a well known fashion designer, opening his own showroom in the fashion business at the age of 21. As a fashion business entrepreneur and luxury events for celebrities mastermind, Onur Osman is known for his many travels around the world, traveling the world being part of his creative lifestyle, inspiration and cultural statement. 

Onur Osman is an old and new art collector and many of his interviews, stories and social-media posts offer his followers cultural high-lines and retributions to art all around the world.  

Personal life

Onur Osman's personal life remained private so far. He decided not to share any info about his family or partners for both security and privacy reasons. Media quotes only basic information shared by Onur Osman during some interviews for local TV shows and news articles, but his partners remain a mystery for the press.

During his career many famous fashion models both women and men are known to have had crushes on the handsome designer, but Onur Osman is not known to have given course to any such crush, even if he is always surrounded by beautiful and handsome models at every runway show or event. 

Who is Onur Osman dating right now is a mystery that maybe our readers can help us unfold. So if you have any gossip on the handsome Onur Osman, give us some tips and news and we will insert them in future articles on the celebrity. 

Career and fashion shows

Present an Worldwide Fashion Week catwalks, with customers in Europe, USA and Middle East, Onur Osman opened new doors to luxury events, aesthetics and fashion, with a new approach on beauty, elegance and balance. 

Onur Osman is a high fashion haute-couture and luxury wear designer. 

Runway shows

Stranger Things 2023; 
Lilith, 2023; 
Wild Flower 2023;
Own It, 2023; 
Sacrum 2022; 
Black Diary 2022; 
Angel Wings, 2022; 
Iconic, 2021; 
Black Moon Rise, 2019; 
Feminine Flow, 2019; 
Royal Wings, 2018; 
Pink Shape, 2017.

Private luxury events

Onur Osman organizes three major luxurious parties every year, in three capitals of Europe, where celebrities and businessmen take part at special art and culture events. Press and photographers are never allowed, so that Onur Osman managed to create an urban high class mythology about the special shows he designs only for his VIP guests. Participants have shared that the fashion wizard creates spectacular time travels through art, music, dancers, acrobats and stage designs based on special themes from history and world culture. 

The traditional Onur Osman Christmas Party in Bologna (Italy) takes place in a baroque palace in the city of the oldest university in Europe. The Zürich (Switzerland) event is a fall private event for buyers, clients and contractors of ONUR OSMAN™. The Oslo (Norway) or Venice (Italy) private parties are time travel cultural events knows for the art representations that take place every year in late springtime, late summer, fall or midwinter. 

Onur Osman


Designer of the Year Award 2023 - Romanian Fashion Awards Gala. 

Best Designer of the Year Award 2023 - Performance and Excellence Award Gala; 

Best Designer of the Year Award 2022 - Romanian Fashion Awards Gala; 

Outstanding Fashion Entrepreneur 2022 - ISucces Awards Gala;

Best Designer of the Year Award 2019 - Romanian Fashion Awards Gala. 

Is Onur Osman a real count?

According to the public information we received, Onur Osman is not a real count, but buyers and media have considered him a count-like personality due to the aristocratic lifestyle he lives. The main reasons for considering Onur Osman to be a count are: his home and showroom are both located in palaces, he has huge collections of new and old art pieces, he is always surrounded by his personal guards or assistants, uses fancy drivers, private jets and limousines and is always seen on the first seat on the line airplanes he sometimes flights with. 

Onur Osman is being called “The Count of Fashion” by local media a tag name based on his public spectacular appearance, as the designer has always been seen wearing outstanding outfits worth hundreds of thousands at every gala or public event he takes part at. 


As a both handsome and rich man, Onur Osman has been a target for many controversies and media gossip about his personal life. 

Whenever a photo of him showed up on the internet with fashion models, fashion brand managers or even his businessmen and businesswomen close friends, there have been articles announcing false engagements and love affairs that Onur Osman Fashion House rejected as fake news. 

The young, beautiful and talented designer Onur Osman is still free and available for who ever will get lucky to date him. So charming Onur Osman is still single. Find out more on our future posts on the fashion designer. 

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