What are the Best Shades for Golf Sunglasses?

Talking about shade, we mean the color of the lenses on your gold sunglasses. Sunglasses’ colors are essential to golf players because they shield them from the unforgiving sun rays and help them see the ball and the greens.

Golf Course Shades

Golf Course Shades

The shade of your golf sunglasses has a direct correlation to your experience at the golf course.

Brown, dark amber, copper, and cinnamon are the colors that will give you the sharpest contrast on the golf course. Therefore, these are a favorite when it comes to golf sunglasses. Their contrast will allow you to see the fairway, the green, and even your ball mid-air.

Golf-specific eyewear is ideal if you want to go golfing. It removes distortion on the lenses' lower half. Such eyewear also allows you to differentiate colors in the field, a feature that is not prominent in regular sunglasses. You can buy golf Sunglasses from Goodr as they have a variety of shades to choose from.

Brown Shades

Brown is the most common color in golf clubs. The shade highlights golf course color with their tint. They are very helpful due to their anti-glare properties. They also help you keep focus on the golf ball as you play.

Amber and hazel are options within the brown shade category. They reduce distortion on the lower part of the lenses and increase contrast, helping you see better. Consider choosing from these for your eye protection and better vision.

Gray-Green Shade

Also known as G15, the Gray-Green shade is a neutral color. It shields you from the sun's glare. However, these are not popular among golfers because they are not as good as the brown colors in improving contrast. 

Black/Gray Shades

These are ideal choices when you want to protect yourself from bright sunlight. They are also a favorite among people who are anti-fatigue benefits to the eye. The glasses also help retain accurate color perception.

Rose Colors

The rose tint is effective in eliminating color distortion. They help you perceive the green better by removing the yellow and red tinges. While the surrounding might have the rose theme, the golf course and the ball will be accentuated to be more prominent.

Colors to Avoid

Red and its closely associated colors are what you need to avoid. While they will let you see the green clearly, you might need help to see the tee box. Dark colors are great at preventing the uncomfortable sun rays from reaching your eyes but also prevent you from reading the green well. When picking colors, pick something close to brown. 

Blue is also not a perfect color on the golf course if you are a player. While blue lenses are effective at blocking glare from UV rays, they do not have additional benefits for you as a golfer. Blue lenses cannot block blue light. Hence they are not golf-specific.  

Other Considerations

Polarized sunglasses are popular on golf courses because they protect you from the sun's glare. They are essential when glare comes from reflection on water surfaces and tarmac. However, polarized glasses interfere with depth perception. However, they could be your solution if you have light sensitivity. They will help you relax and cut the strain on the eye. 

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