These stars were denied entry to some of Australia's most exclusive nightspots

Whether it’s Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane, Australia has some of the most famous and exclusive nightspots in the world. These are places with strict rules for entry, and they won’t just let anyone in. Of course, if you happen to be a famous model, or rapper, or perhaps a member of European royalty, it’s another story – or is it?

Here, we cover some incidents when facing someone rich and famous at the door didn’t stop the Australian bouncers from saying a firm “no.”


Mikaela Testa was too revealing for the Sydney Star Casino

It's been a tough year or two for the Star Casino in Sydney. For one thing, the huge leisure complex faces increasing competitive pressure from the top rated Australian online casinos, which offer all the same pokies and table games but with extra bonuses and promotions. For another, it recently had its license suspended by the state regulator due to internal control breaches. They say that trouble comes in threes, and now it is in the headlines again for denying entry to one of Australia’s most famous models and fashion influencers.

Mikaela Testa has made a career of her often daring fashion choices. The Queenslander was visiting Sydney with her boyfriend, and sharing regular updates with her 1.3 million Instagram followers. This included buying a purple two-piece outfit from a Sydney fashion store, which she wore for a night out at the Star Casino. However, door security told her the outfit was “inappropriate” due to the low waist.

Mikaela came up with an imaginative solution, using a hair band to tie the skirt up higher, and she was subsequently granted access. The whole saga was met with bewilderment on social media by followers who found the Star security staff’s logic difficult to follow.


Future Kings need ID too

With every respect to Mikaela, we can have some sympathy with security staff who failed to recognize a Tik Tok fashion influencer. After all, it’s not as if she was royalty. Quite where that places the staff at Jade Buddha in Brisbane, however, is another matter.

Last August, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark was in Brisbane for the annual yachting regatta. On the Friday evening, he and his entourage, complete with personal security staff, hit some of Brisbane’s top night spots. Just before midnight, they arrived at Jade Buddha at the city’s iconic Eagle Street Pier. The Crown Prince was astonished to learn that while his bodyguards could enter, he would not be allowed in as he was not carrying ID. If the 54 year old heir to the Danish throne has ever been asked for ID at a bar before, it probably hasn’t happened since the early 1990s.

Phil Hogan is co-owner of Jade Buddha and told local radio that the incident arose due to Queensland’s strict liquor laws, which make it mandatory for certain venues to scan the IDs of all patrons entering after 10PM. In the case of this incident, the Crown Prince and his entourage had the bizarre spectacle of security staff consulting Wikipedia to verify the identity of their VIP guest. However, there is still some controversy surrounding the question of whether special dispensation was granted by the authorities or the bar made an exception to grant the Crown Prince entry.

Post Malone sent marching post haste

American rapper and 2021 BAFTA winner Post Malone is as famous for his ink as he is for his unique vocal style. However, it proved to be his undoing on a recent visit to Western Australia. The rooftop bar at the QT Hotel is one of the city’s most salubrious spots and is a favorite among Perth’s movers and shakers.

However, on arriving at the venue with his entourage, he was sent on his way for not meeting the dress code, which stipulates “no face, neck or offensive tattoos.”

The singer was nonplussed by the incident, telling reporters: “They turned me away for my tattoos... I've never really experienced anything like that.” Malone, who was in Australia to support the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their world tour, moved on to another rooftop bar, the nearby 18 Knots, where security granted him discretionary entry.

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