SwatchOn Secures $10 Million Fundraise to Revolutionize Digital Fashion

SwatchOn, the global sourcing pioneer and the world’s leading wholesale fashion fabric aggregator, announced that the company has secured $10 million in additional funding, which included an investment from Pavilion Capital, Kakao Ventures, and TBT Partners. With this significant strategic investment, SwatchOn plans to develop exciting new initiatives, specifically with a focus on revolutionizing digital fashion. 

Digital Fashion

SwatchOn is on a mission to provide new ways for fashion designers to highlight their creativity and share their collections with the world. As a company that has always focused on consistent innovation, this new focus will begin to carry the company into the future of real-life fashion (IRL) and digital fashion (URL) - and so much more. The company’s upcoming roadmap is set to include soon-to-be-announced initiatives in digital fashion, metaverse wearables, NFTs, digital fabric, AR, virtual experiences, and more.

“We are grateful for our investor's support and excited for the opportunity to expand our direction into digital fashion,” said SwatchOn co-founder and CEO Will Lee. “There is a shift in values in how Gen Z is consuming fashion, and SwatchOn wants to be a leader with these emerging trends. We saw firsthand how economies of scale made it difficult for smaller brands to compete with their larger counterparts. Fortunately, in the virtual world, that is not the case. We want to create a digital fashion marketplace that will level the playing field and give emerging brands the opportunity to share their creativity with a broader audience.”

“We are thrilled to continue our journey with SwatchOn on their vision to create a digital fashion marketplace,” said Kakao Ventures Senior Associate Hyunik Cho. “As a brand, SwatchOn has set itself apart by streamlining fabric supply chains and creating opportunities for designers both large and small. Led by an expert team of industry veterans, we believe in their ability to create the same experience in digital fashion. Along with SwatchOn’s stable growth in their fabric sourcing platform, we expect their new vision in digital fashion will create a strong synergy effect, and we look forward to helping them drive that mission forward.”

Since its inception in 2017, SwatchOn, a member of the CFDA Materials Hub, has established itself as a key valuable resource in the fashion industry for all levels of fashion brands - including independent labels, mid-size brands, and some of the world’s largest apparel manufacturers - all by digitizing the fabric sourcing process. This innovative platform brings the South Korean wholesale textile industry online, connecting hundreds of thousands of fabric products to more than 17,000 brands around the globe. 

About SwatchOn

SwatchOn is a fashion technology platform that connects the South Korean textile industry to brands around the globe. SwatchOn has streamlined the fabric supply chain, allowing designers to quickly search and access over 200,000 textiles from 750 different suppliers – on its free, members-only website, SwatchOn boasts one of the largest digital fabric libraries in the world in compliance with CLO3D software, SwatchOn’s partner and Series B investor. In addition to its dedicated Eco-Forward fabric section, SwatchOn ships in eco-friendly packaging to over 52 countries worldwide. 

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