Atanas Lazarov: I would like people to be infected with kindness instead of the virus

Atanas Lazarov has 13 years of experience in media and communications. He is the founder and owner of the public communication agency Profile International, which is the organizer of the prestigious "Top International Model of the World" competition, together with Robert Kazan in Bucharest. The competition is held for the first time in Sunny Beach between 20-27 September 2017 at Hotel Majestic. Each year, the event takes place in a different country and gathers VIPs from the fashion and business elite in the world and has long attracted media attention in over 40 countries.

Atanas Lazarov is a founder of the prestigious contest for men's models - Mister Sofia 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Official partner of Sofia Fashion Week. He is the winner of the prestigious awards "Man of the 21st Century", World Fashion Network, "Celebrity of the Year" 2018, and "Best PR for 2020."

Atanas Lazarov

What was it like to be a part of Mission EO Dent Smile in Zanzibar, Africa?

It was a great honor for me to be part of this global project "Give a smile of the children of Africa." I have known Dr. Veneta Pavlova for 10 years, along with her work on the Hollywood smile of the legend Sylvester Stallone. She was always ready to help and be useful to the children. When I told her about the purpose of my trip to Zanzibar, she accepted the idea and so the mission was born: To give smiles. The children of Africa deserve it.

Believe me, now that I have returned to my country, I feel purified and reborn. I feel amazing in my own skin! I am happy that we gave so many smiles. The children of Zanzibar are special, all children deserve it.

What was your favorite part of that experience?

Since my student years as a volunteer in the Bulgarian Red Cross, I have reached leading positions in the operational bureau of the organization. It was a great experience for me teaching me how to contribute to the sustainable future of our society. I am extremely happy that together with Dr. Veneta Pavlova, owner of a chain of dental clinics, we had this opportunity to make happy the children of Africa who grew up without parental care.

With this mission, we would like to invite people around the world to support the children. And while we can afford to travel around the world, we must not forget that, at the same time, more than 5 million live in deprivation and are malnourished. A little support from everyone and the world would look different!

At the moment I keep in touch with the orphanage and I understand that the children need fresh milk in the morning. We are ready for the next trip to Africa to buy not one but three cows so that all children can have fresh milk for breakfast. I have to add that at our first visit we supported the breakfast of the children with Bulgarian herbal tea Botanical and delicious rice chips RizeUp. A small gesture from Bulgaria, but extremely useful for the health of adolescents.

How does it feel to be a PR professional in the digital age? (at a time when technology is so popular)

I would like to quote Dr. Zornitza Mladenova "The globalization processes are one of the most important features of the twenty first century. Globalization refers to the connection of ideas, concepts, and thinking and it is greatly influenced by the rapid transfer of information that occurs in our society today."

I am convinced of the power of social media. And now all the media and communications specialists have changed the way they work. In the new age, the digital age makes our work much easier and projects reach a huge audience around the world.

I will give you an example of our trip to Zanzibar. When I shared the videos from the Bububu Orphanage in Zanzibar, I received immediate feedback from friends in Armenia, Romania, Russia, Greece, England, Spain, and Bulgaria. Media from different countries asked for information and more videos.

By promoting what has been done around the world, I am convinced that we will make many people do the same. The issue is on how we have to use the new technologies to make the world better.

Our global society stands on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another.

My last project is a global online event The Brain Breaks BWell Challenge with Dr. Zornitza Mladenova, supported by the Foundation for Global Community Health and United Cities. In partnership with Physical Education, Sport Coaches, Art, Music, Dance, and Recreational Associations around the world, on March 30th, 2021, the Foundation for Global Community Health will host a 24-hour online event via a Sport, Culture, and Musical challenge designed to support well-being programs in schools and the teachers that facilitate the needed instruction for well-being.

It is a big honor for me to have such a great possibility to present the spirit of Bulgarian culture and some of our good practices of physical activities around the world.

What motivates you each day?

Every day is our gift given to us by God. Every day I thank you for all those blessings and moments that the universe gives us.

I start my day with swimming training, then work meetings, a mandatory post on my Instagram. I smile every day, I do at least one good thing. I deeply believe that goodness is a very powerful example.

Can you briefly tell us what your plans for 2021 include?

I want to change and refresh this 2021 in the direction of Global Destinations, we will visit and present different cultures, landmarks, and customs around the world. I shot my first 4 TV episodes in exotic Africa with the amazing TV presenter and actress Maria Sylvester. Our next destinations will be Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Egypt.

The name of my new production is "Destinations" and I plan to invite a different guest star to show the viewer in a different, memorable way the destination. And I am glad to have my global partners in the person of Mr. Moto Mabanga - Verde hotel Zanzibar, Georgi Pasev - Abax, Galya Georgieva - a citizen of St. Zanzibar, Hristo Baykov - the Balkans.

I am in the organizing team of "Top International Model of the World 2021" in Greece with my partners Robert Kazan and Davit Gharibyan.

My other goal is to present the potential of Bulgaria as a year-round tourist destination. I organize the innovative event Digital Weekend in one of the most popular golf destinations Pirin Golf Hotel & SPA Bansko. We are also preparing an amateur golf tournament with the support of Botanical Herbal Tea and the new brand of mineral water Ego.

Observing the consequences of the COVID – 19 pandemics I realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and now the issue is on how to support the physical and mental health of the people especially of adolescents. As a citizen and as a professional I will support all the projects in this direction.

I plan to publish a book "How to be successful globally?" collecting good practices in PR for 10 years, but I always did not find time in the hectic daily life. Now I think the time has come.

What does the word success mean to you?

Success is a responsibility for me. To have succeeded for me is a dream come true, a realized idea. For me, this is not only a wealth of friends but also personal comfort.

What would you like to tell our readers about Mission EO Dent Smile in Africa?

I would like people to be infected with kindness instead of the virus. To make the world a better place to live. To give more smiles to those close to us, to pay more attention to our parents, relatives, and friends.

To learn more about PR professioanl Atanas Lazarov, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

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